Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jake's Halloween Costume

If you can call it that. It is really just a hoodie that zips up OVER the face, with mesh over the eyes, Lol. I couldn't be happier since it is a step up from last year's duct tape boy... boy!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Summer's Costume

For this upcoming Halloween, Summer has changed her mind numerous times about what she was going to dress up as. So when last week she concretely told me she was going to be a "tiger" I knew, like the other ideas, it would probably pass.
Days went by, but yet she still persisted that tiger it was! Saturday we packed up the younger kids and went to the Halloween store, and I KNEW that once she saw all the wonders of Halloween, that it would hard for her to decide.
Princess gowns, fairies, and favorite cartoon characters could NOT persuade this one. She zoned right in on her target and clutched it tightly.
a white tiger to be exact {{sigh}} thank goodness for bleach...
She has worn it almost as much as normal clothes ever since. She has chased neighborhood boys and growled with delight. She has dirtied the paws and grass stained the knees. She says "I smell meat" and laughs!
She IS a tiger.
although she did mention to me that it is hard work to have a tail, lol. Sitting down is not as easy now I guess!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's Beginning to Look alot like...Halloween around here!

Summer and I have driven by the gentleman that carves these witch's house everyday on the way to preschool. She delights in them. They are sceery! We had to get one for ourselves!

And as a matter of fact they are. Lol~ they catch my eye every time I come out the front door, and for a split second I do a double take. Apparently the feeling is common, for Jake has been muttering about how scary "that darn witch is" in the early mornings...LOL!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mike Got a Gig

It was a beautiful autumn night, cool and full of fall smells. Held outside at grape winery. People casually drank glasses of wine and brought picnics of casseroles and snacks. The fields behind of we filled with rows of grape vines, and children ran around and danced and played. It couldn't of been more perfect, more gentle for his first real time on stage.
He did great. He was well prepared. He had practiced and practiced for weeks. (for decades really) This was what he has been waiting for. He loves this.

You did awesome honey! I am so proud of you!