Monday, August 31, 2009

Dancing Queen

The Looonnngg wait for Summer was finally over today! Her much anticipated dance class started. I couldn't believe my luck when I actually found a place that held a class for two year olds. Never did we doubt though that Summer wouldn't be up for this. She has had a beat in her blood and rhythm in her soul since she was born, and just can't resist the sound of music. It itches her behind to start to swagger, and her toe to tap. We are known in church for the shear fact of sitting in the front each week (where there is room to spin of course) and having Summer dance to Pastor and his band playing.

We had our orientation a couple weeks ago, and since have talked it up, and bought a leo. I admit, I did have some doubts, after watching my other kids be the ones in preschool and activities that clung to me crying. I secretly feared this might backfire on me and she would all of a sudden become shy. But she lead the way on this one, and every time we asked or talked, she got more excited or would perform on cue a little dance.

She watched the other children arrived with curiosity, and I silently prayed they would keep it together just so we'd not have a domino effect.
A couple dropped like flys and cried and clung to mom. One little girl sat at the door and refused to do anything the whole time. I have been there, oh yes I have with Jake and Matt, and Tatum. I did not want to be there again! I over smiled at Summer and encouraged her to go on and play! It was fine! She did...Oh did she!

She trolloped and ran circles, and walked on her tippy toes. She spun and did the parachute. She loved it! She was in her element, and she knew it. She was dancing!

The building it is in is in an old Shoe Factory is the old part of town. It is gorgeous, if you like old buildings like me:)

Here she is noticing herself in the mirror...

Here the teacher said touch your toes, LOL!

She came home excited and happy.

I have a feeling we have some years of dance ahead of us:)

Sunday, August 30, 2009


With School starting back, I am determined to wade through the ever growing list of things that are constantly breaking or needing repair or update in this house. In our last house (our first house) we didn't keep up so good. Life kind of ran us over, and having babies, and neither of us being handy, and always short on money...well we just didn't! I swore when we got this house I would try really hard to keep up, and it has proved harder than I thought! So now, with inspiration, motivation, and that really big list I was talking about I have taken on the first of many projects (let's hope!):)

I called an electrician to install (cause there is no way Mike or I could). My mom and I got good deals at Lowes picking them out. They are the only light source to both rooms so they had to have lights. They also will help cut down with the AC hopefully:)

Summer's Room~BEFORE...
Summer's Room~AFTER...

Tatum's Room~BEFORE... (poor Tate's fan has been broken for over a year now and faces the front of the house. It gets the most sunlight and is sooo hot. She has been wanting it fixed forever!)
Tatum's Room~AFTER...(one that works!!!)
So watch for future posts of what I am up to around here! I have got some plans:)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

First day of School

This week the kids started school. It has been a busy one and my computer has been in the shop getting cleaned up, so I am behind on posts and comments. I have some catching up to do it seems a little bit everywhere. But it is all the good kind of busy, and things are going good:)

Tatum started Wednesday 10th grade as a Sophomore.
She was thrilled to get back with all her friends after {{eek}} what must of been a social deprivation. She came home happier and giddier than I have seen her in a while. Whether they admit it or not, school does them so much good to get out socially and be involved. She is joining the Art Club this year, and her schedule is stacked with prep college courses. She is now set up to ride the bus straight to the Y on the two days she works there after school. Things are falling into place...just the way this organized girl likes them:)

Jake started 6th Grade.
He got one of the schools coolest male teacher's, Mr. Waspe, and couldn't be happier. The rules there are very grown up (I hope not too grown up for Jake) . You can eat a snack if you are hungry (just clean up after yourself) You can chew gum (just don't let the teacher find a piece stuck somewhere it shouldn't), you can drink a water while you work, you can choose you seat each day (by your friends if you want) (That is the one I hope he can handle--ouch!). It's all about getting ready for Junior High next year, and being treated as a more responsible person. I'm holding my breath, and seeing if he can hold it together. He on the the other hand is VERY excited!
He is very busy with football and has won both of his games so far!! Go Warriors!!

Matthew started 3rd Grade. (note Jake in the window...ugh!!! let's try this again)
Matthew starts 3rd Grade this year.
He is at a new school. The 3rd graders get moved up to a new school, so he was quite nervous about this. He doesn't ride the bus with his brother any more and had gotten quite comfortable in his old school. The first day he did get lost, but eventually found his way. His teacher seems super nice and is going to work with us this year to make it a good one for Matt.
Matty is going to be on the pre swim team at the Y. After getting moved up to the FISH level in swim lessons, they told us he was ready for the swim team!! We are not quite ready for that kind of commitment, but the mini one is just right to start with. They have a couple of meets a season, and getting you ready for the real thing. He starts that in October:)
Having the kids gone was a fresh of breath air. I got so much done, and could feel myself pulling it back together. I know that I am a better mom to them when they come home, because they go to school. By the end of the summer, I am toast.
Now I still do have one little bean at home. And she was a rascal. Oh yes...super cute. She would wait for the buses and run out to greet. She baked welcome home cookies for the kids on their first day (or should I say ate them).
But at one point I went to unload the dish washer, and off she went. By the time I found her, she had found a marker....

Apparently, she went on and had art class with out me!!

Monday, August 24, 2009


Today my dad would have been sixty two.

Woulda, coulda, shoulda.

It has been twelve years in October, since he died, and if I let myself think on it, it hurts just as bad as it did 12 years ago.

None of us wish him back if it means he has to come back to the body he had been trapped in. I guess we grieve for what could of been.

But I will not allow this to be one of those posts. This is going to be a happy one. One that makes us remember him with a smile. To say "hey! It's your birthday! You came to this earth and made a difference! Walked it, loved on it, made your mark, and we noticed!!"

Look at that young good looking guy! He had put himself through college. Married his sweetheart, was teaching passionately, and had a family.

This is me and him at Mammoth Cave.

And this is us surviving my teenage years....

When I was in Junior High, Dad would let mom sleep in and get up with me at the early early hours to catch the bus. He was a morning person. I would come down in the morning, every morning to hear the Mamas and the Papas playing on his boom box while he unloaded the dishwasher.

I know every word to their greatest hits tape.

Tatum was his first grandchild, and he fell head over heels in love with her. He would of gone to the moon for that baby if he could of. He was getting quite disabled by this point in his life and she opened up so many doors for him I think.

This was his last birthday. Fortunately we had a bash! He was FIFTY! We had all his friends from the past make notes and pictures to fill out in a memory book for him. I was full term pregnant with Jake and I sat at his feet and read him every one. He. Loved. It.

And this is Jacob Joseph, named after him, Chester Joseph. My dad got to hold a couple of times. He died when Jake was 6 weeks old. I'm so glad my dad got to see him.

Thanks so much Daddy for all the love and support you have given me. I know you would be so proud to see us all now.

Oh~! And remember!

That's half the battle....


When Life gives you lemons make lemonade...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Randomness and Target Dress Overkill

First off in my randomness a belated THANK YOU for my beautiful new header you all can see at the top of my blog. That was created completely by my friend Jen over at What's Shakin. Thank you so much Jen!!!! She put that together all the way over in Michigan and emailed it to me in Ohio...just because she is that sweet:)

In other news around here, I thought it was so cute what Summer did. Alot of mornings that I have to wake her up, I will go into her room and softly sing a wake up song..."Let the sunshine in" or "Good Morning Summer". This morning she was in our bed and Mike had left earlier for work. She had woken before me, and as I started to stir and cracked open an eye I saw her peering over me. She started to sing "Wake up Mama...Wake up Mama". It was too adorable!

Onto the Target Dress overkill...

Now you know I LOVE TARGET

and of course I LOVE taking pictures (can't get enough practice!)

I am in total LOVE with my kids!

throw in a prairie dress and I am hopeless!

Friday, August 21, 2009

She officially pays taxes now!

Tatum got a job!!


My first born, my little one who is growing up so very quickly this summer it seems. Taking driver's Ed, starting her Sophomore year, kissing boys, and NOW is employed!!

She is a teacher at the YMCA for the toddler's gymnastic classes. (I knew all those years of competitive gymnastics would pay off somehow!) She is busy filling out work permits and dreaming of cars now.
Congrats sweet girl. Daddy and I are so proud!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


The past few months my trouble that I have had as an adult with anxiety has surfaced again. I mostly do not talk about it for the fear that the shear act of talking about it will make it increase, more real, become tenfold. But let's say that after much work, a change in medication, a loving family, a good friend, and lots of prayer, it has settled down and become under control again.

The last remaining symptom from this bout that is hanging on that I have never experienced like this before is Insomnia. My doctor assures me that once your appetite comes back, and your worries calmed down, that the last to fix itself is the sleep. She says all will right itself with time. I have been armed with sleep aide and sent on my way.

Two nights ago I laid in bed awake until 7am. I swear my eyelids were tired from keeping them closed shut! Then the trouble is once I fall asleep I don't get up until 10am. School starts next week! I am so screwed!

Last night I took two pills and laid awake until 4 am.

Not even kidding.

This is all new to me. I have never had sleeping issues like this every. single. night. Have any of you dealt with true insomnia before?? Do you get up or stubbornly lay there all night?

{{yawn}} Thanks everyone!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cat Girl

I know I am guilty of helping feed this obsession.

But she is so darn, stinking, freaking cute!

Yes, she is being raised with a house full of cats as her playmates.

Yes, her nickname from her daddy is catlee, catter, catgirl.

Yes, one of her first words was "meow". (No..just kidding, but it was kitty. Not kidding! L0l:)

I swear this was bought for the intention of Halloween, and then I started thinking " oh...she can play dress up, and get good use out of it!" How many times can you get good use out of a Halloween outfit?!?! Good deal!

Yes..I'm aware it is August.

(now the trick is going to be how to get her OUT of it {{sigh!}} )

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Weekend

This weekend has been hot and busy and wonderful.

Mike has been home all weekend and we together have just head on tackled projects. Saturday I cut the grass and he trimmed and then we power washed the the back patio and the front patio. Tatum got up and got another 2 hours of driving school under her belt, actually being in the driving seat (although on a pillow with the seat moved up as far as possible, lol). We all 6 went out together for a big Mexican meal at our favorite restaurant. Chimichongas and re fried beans, bellies full of salsa and nachos we left full and happy geared for our evening of Jakes first football game!

It was his premiere game!!! This year being his 2nd year he was put in the game SO much more. It was so much more fun to watch! He was on the starting defense and the punt team. He was in and out throughout the whole game, every quarter. He tackled several people and did great! Most of his games this year will be at 8 o'clock on Saturday nights which is super cool because it is dark by then and the excitement is really in the air. I can't wait until October and we are all bundled up drinking hot chocolate with the colored leaves falling all around us while the game is going on. I volunteered at the concession booth, so I was there most of the evening and our dinner was hamburgers and snacks...yum~!!

Today we took the kids to the YMCA outside pool and while Matthew jumped off the high dive a zillion times, Mike and I hung out with Summer at the baby pool. She made a friend and had a blast. Jake and I had breaststroke races (I won:) and then we went over the the spray zone and got soaking with the kids.

Mike took Matthew to the batting cages for the first time today after we made chili for lunch. It was his 1st time to ever get to go to something like this and was so excited. I got Summer down for her nap and dropped Tatum off to her friends house for a sleep over.

This is it.

This is all I have ever dreamed of and hoped for. And I am so blessed to be living this wonderful dream of life.

My house is overflowing and full and busy. We are all healthy and happy. What ever happens I know I was so lucky to have been given this chance at this life I have always wanted.

Tomorrow when Mike goes back to work, and we head through our way of too many days of summer break, and all the laundry rears its head, I will smile and know that this is exactly what I wanted:)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

He's an A$$hole.

(now that this is an older get the full will have to go to the bottom and click on the song "I'm an Asshole" by Dennis Leary. It makes the post that much better. Thank you...)

PLEASE~ This is done in humor. Our sense of humor. If it offensive to you, I am so sorry. Come back tomorrow. We truly are good people.

My husband is a honest, faithful, hardworking man. That being said...he cusses like a sailor and has a hard sense of humor. It was one of the things that made me fall hard in love with him. I like to dryly say that I laugh every day with him around.

When this song came out by Dennis Leary a decade ago, we knew immediately why it was so funny. I sing it to him quite often.

Honey...This one's for you. I love you!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Camp McKenney

Last month we packed up our family, and my brother packed up his family and we met at our mother's house for our staycation. Three days of pure family time... getting the tent set up...

The essentials...

cherry pit spitting!!!!!

seeing how high of waves they could get (did I tell you grandma is so cool??)

summer evening music

tug of war!!!

here we are doing all this fun stuff and these two are on their laptops..LOL!

these two amazingly made it through the night outside in the tents with their dads:)

Captain Timmy...

Captain Mike...

And Caption Jack...
some of us took the silly hat day more seriously than others:)

Uncle Timmy teaching Summer to fish, lol!

We had mini day trips planned, and one day was we rented a pontoon boat.

Ohh, it was filled with adventure:) I saw a water snake and screamed (oh yes I did!) , the kids took turns "driving" the boat, and we fished. (but didn't catch a thing.

although Jake did jump in and "catch" a lost bobber.

(she is totally tolerating us)

Some slept in tents.

Some slept on couchs.

Mom, Missy and Me slept in beds with big fat sleeping pills, LOL!

Another day trip was to the art musuem. I had them pick out their favorite, and then I took their picture.

Silly Jake...

It was three days filled with campfires and sour candy and laughter. Memories my kids will takes with them forever!

GoooOOOO! Camp McKenney!
((camp motto~shut up and have fun!!))