Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Volcano Taco

~Behold~ The Volcano Taco

This thing has taunted poor Matthew for quite a while now. The commercials come on tv, and he begs to get one. (he likes to believe that he likes spicy stuff) It is just a promotional item, so by the time I finally broke down and was willing to get him one, they no longer carried them.

Well, they are back. And so are the commercials. And so is Matthew's insistence that he can handle one.

So today after a super baseball game we picked him up one with some not so spicy ones too:)

Look at the delight on his face...

still so delightful???

He assures me it is not that bad, and it just has a major afterburn, but I don't know...
I don't think he'll be asking for another one any time soon!