Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Week Of W's

WOO-HOO!!~ Tatum went today for her temps and got them!!
In Ohio, you just have to be 15 and a half to do the written part of the test, and she passed with flying colors! The computer actually ended her test early, because she had so many correct that it didn't matter if she finished the last questions right or not...she had had enough correct to pass!
Now the visual exam, I could have kicked her! All I'm saying is we are going to practice her right and left..lol!

WOW~ This is our first year trying to grow broccoli and it has been so fun! I had no idea where or how the broccoli stalk would grow or come out of, so it was neat to watch. It started off as just a bunch of leaves, but then one day I noticed little parsley like hairs starting in the middle! Now it is blooming into a great big broccoli stalk, just like what you see in the grocery store. Too stinking cool...
WORK-OUT~ Now that my workout partner and I are back in town from vacations, we can take advantage of these warm summer nights. We have actually jogged some of the time (trying to catch up on those missed calories;) and walked the rest. Neither of us have trips for awhile, so we are going to buckle down! (You hear that Mal??)

WISDOM~ Galatians 6:3 If you think you are too important to help someone in need, you are only fooling yourself. You are really a nobody.

No one is any better than anyone else. We are all sinners~saved by God's grace. You should never get so confident in yourself that you think you are too good to help someone out.

Weird~ I failed miserably this year at Father's Day. We had just gotten back from vacation the day before, and my father is not here on earth, and I don't know...I just wasn't feeling it. I didn't get Mike's gift until a day later, which by then it sure wasn't a big production (sorry Mike:( ) I did get him a pretty cool blower thingy so sweeping up grass after mowing wasn't such a pain:) But since I am the one that usually does that job, I'm starting to feel a little sheepish again;(
WHIMSICAL~ This weekend "DORA LIVE" is coming to our city and Mike and I got tickets to take Summer. She LOVES "Doorah", and is going to be thrilled to see Swiper the fox and Dora in real life!

WEAKNESS~ Oh man..vacation week. You've got me good this time! Does everything under the sun count???

Let's see, I would say Heath bars. Toffee. Chocolate. Ate like 5 whole ones myself.

Nough said.