Monday, June 15, 2009

My Checklist

*Six pairs of water shoes boughten at 3 different stores (two being 2 different Wal-marts)

*Three huge zucchini's picked from the garden, whipped up into zucchini bread before the trip

*All new flashlights and batteries needing to being bought/replaced. Those are not kept sacred in this house. (Are you kidding me?? NEVER do we have a working flashlight or spare battery with these kids!)

*Four trashcans drug to the curb to await trash night, cause we can't afford to let them sit another week. Neighbors, I'm sure, they will annoy because they have to wait 2 days for the trash men:)

*One HUGE pot of white chicken chili made and packed in the cooler. It is all ready to, in a day or two to thaw out and eat with nachos. (we'll be so grateful it isn't hot dogs again)

*Four kids that can't contain their excitement, and have had their suitcases packed already.

*Four cats wondering what in the heck is going on in the house, and loving the extra boxes and suitcases to lay on.

*One more night of sleep on my pillow top King size bed, and then it is all up to beer and crickets to lull me to sleep;)