Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Well, That time has come.

The one I was silently dreading, but well aware that the time was around the corner.

I was in Target, with Summer, and we had just had a mini melt down in aisle 4 over toddler sandals. We had overcome, but the protest cries had been loud, and the tears were still pooled on her cheeks. My good friend, and Summer's beloved "pluggy had been pulled out and calmed the tides, and all was well again as we pushed along in our happy red cart....

when a little girl's voice ask her Mom (I think very LOUD) "What's that in her mouth!!"

No, it couldn't stop there of course it was followed by "She's not a baby!! She is 2 and a half (how the devil child knew this IDK!) Our toddler doesn't have one of those!" (She had her 2 year old brother in her cart)

I felt uncomfortable. The mother hushed her. I told her it was alright. I knew it wasn't. It is time.

We have half heartedly tried to cut it down some. Make it only for naps and bedtime.

But she wins. She is IN LOVE with it.

And she is my baby.

My last.

My last baby! {{sob!}}

For her now, I will have to be strong, and try harder. She can't be made fun of.

Yes I know some of you will say she won't go to school with one in her mouth, that time will resolve...but my ever helpful husband has filled my mind of the most horrible story of a kid who went to his High School that still sucked his thumb!!
Although this is the same man that his helpful advice is to tell me that if I continue allowing it she will be able to eat corn on the cob through a picket