Monday, June 29, 2009

My Week Of W's

WHY~In a house of four cats do I find this hi-lar-i-ous! Why doesn't everyone seem to think it is as funny as I do?

WOO-HOO~ This weekend was our date with Summer to see Dora Live! She had a great time and loved it. Apparently though there was a rule that you couldn't take pictures in theater (Dora was a bit a snob about this) and I was told quickly to put away my camera and TO DELETE THIS PICTURE! Umm.. no. I paid $150 to sit here, and this is just a picture of my kid! But I did quickly put my camera away, because I didn't want them to confiscate it.

So during intermission I tried to get her picture by the sign. Summer wasn't in the mood..then! Oh well!
I will have to settle for these cute shots on the streets of downtown in her Daddy's arms;)

WEAKNESS~ Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch- Yum!!
WISH (THAT CAME TRUE)~Mike's coffee corner makes me NUTS! It always has bags from Starbucks of beans, and grounds, and spoons and sugar, and espresso. (He is very addicted..I mean passionate about his coffee).
So I came across these cute canisters and these adorable signs, and they really cleaned the corner up! I am loving it;)

WEIRD~For Father's day, sweet Matthew had made Mike eggs all on his own. He also burned his arm on the skillet. I put aloe Vera on it, and now I am realizing that was not enough! It has gotten quite a bad infection, and after all the sickness last week with the was BACK to the doctor's again! Poor guy has a serious infected burn and they said it will scar for life. He is on twice daily oral antibiotics and an ointment. I feel absolutely TERRIBLE!

WEDDINGS (to be!)~ We just got this email from Mike's sister Renie. All it said was "notice something!" Congrats girl! We are so happy for you!!!