Friday, June 12, 2009

Chance the Gentle Lion

This is Tatum's cat Chance. He is seven years old, and if cats could be gay, sign him up! He is the most feminine, scaredy, sweet, loving, wonderful, worried fellow I have ever met, and we just love him to pieces! He has this long gorgeous (did I say LONG) white and bronze hair that makes him soft and poofy and even cushier and more of a lovable guy.
Chance was found in a bucket on the side of the road when he was 3 weeks old, left to die, with his sibling, and through the hands of good Samaritans ended up with us after a couple weeks of bottle feeding. If you are familiar with the story of Clifford the Big Red Dog, that is kind of like Chance, because he has gotten SO much love he has grown, and grown, and grown.
To 17 pounds, he has grown!

Well, with all that hair, the time of the year has come that Mike and I enjoy A) because it really is very funny and B) because he really does have too much hair and it helps him groom and with the summer heat and with my get him shaved. (to Tatum's UTTER DISMAY!)


Do you not just love the belly fat and pink nipple! lol!

His lion tail at the tip is the cherry on top. He is a handsome fellow!
Tatum will talk to us again...don't worry;)