Thursday, January 28, 2010

Button, Button, Who's Got The Button

So today was the big day. The big surgery day for Mike. If you need a catch up you can read here.
We were told to be at the hospital at 5:30 am, so that meant we got up at 4:10 am. {{yawn!}} It was a cold cold morning of only 28 degrees as we scraped snow off the windshield, drug the garbage cans to the curb, and left the house full of sleeping children. (Tatum stayed to get the boys on their buses, and my mom relieved her at 8 am, and then she went in a little late to school)
Mike was leery, but still feeling jovial was told to take off everything and put on such an attractive hospital gown. One he delighted in not being discreet with his open legs.
Then came the super cute bootee socks with grippers on top AND bottom.
Lookin smexy.
When the shower cap hat was snapped on he was starting to catch on that this boat was leaving the dock, and was asking where his keys were.
By the time an IV was put in his arm, he ever so seriously looked at me and tried to have the discussion of how he didn't feel it was quite necessary to have this surgery yet, and weren't we being a bit rash??

Poor Guy.

I kissed his head and he was wheeled off. For hours I waited until I got to talk to the doctor.

Interestedly enough...this is what he told me.

a) the original hernia and screen were still in tack.
b) there was a new tear below the old hernia that had to be repaired
c)they had to "dig around" alot, so he would be sore, and there would be alot of swelling
d)he put a new wire mesh over the new hernia AND over the old one to secure the area


e)he removed a "wart like piece of fatty flesh", and had cut it off


wait a minute...I had to clarify this. I asked him if he meant on the inside of his stomach or on the outside. Oh no, he assured me, it was a ball of skin on the outside of his belly button.


His belly button ball. The ball in his belly button. I must of sounded like an idiot saying this five times to clear it with the man, but from my previous post, if you know my husband, he is NUTS about his belly button being touched, and to have the button in there CUT OFF is going to send him over the edge.

The edge.

They cut if off people!

He said they sent it away, so apparently it was an abnormal growth, but it has been there, just a cute little ball ever since I've known Mike.

So....I finally get to go see him, and well...he is recovering. It took us alot longer to leave the hospital than we thought because he was in so much pain, but they put like a girdle around him and that has really helped. He finally is home now, and I hope we get through the night okay. The kids are being great.

He is getting some of his humor back...He just told me he doesn't think he's going to make it into work tonight :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Our Hands are Extensions

Last night I attended a class through my church that will allow me now to volunteer and work at our FreeStore that our church runs.

Our church is a very very laid back church, which is heavily based on showing God's love. Getting up and doing it. I have been looking for an area that I thought I would be able to fit in well with. (okay it took me three years to kick my butt in gear into doing this! But I'm so glad I did)The store is in the next town over and provides food and clothes to whomever needs them. I am going to try to volunteer two Saturdays a month.

One of the things that stuck out that I learned last night is that although it feels good to do good...All of us feel good when we do good...the difference to make sure I am putting forth is that I am doing it FOR God. That we are his hands and feet. That we are extensions of Him. BUT...WE cannot save anyone. Jesus is the only Savior. He can use us. But we are not saviors.

The King will reply "I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these of brothers of mine, you did for me." Matthew 25:40

He then had us serve each other, and instead of the symbolic washing of the feet {{thank goodness we didn't}} he had us wash each other's hands. I didn't know a single person there, but when it was my turn, I felt so loved and cared for.
We then prayed while still holding hands in the basin before we switched and it was my turn to wash someone hands...

We prayed that these hands would do good works for God and that they would help. It was beautiful.

"So then, men ought to regard us as servants of Christ and as those entrusted with the secret things of God. Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful"
1 Corinthians 4:1-2

Just simple everyday helping has proved to work. The pastor told a very funny story of how every year after the town's annual "River Days" the church agrees to sweep the streets from one end of the town to the other. It is very late at night, early morning when they do this, and as he was sweeping off the steps of a bar, a {{very inebriated}} lady came out and asked him what he was doing. He told her, and she asked how much they were paying him to do that!?!? He said "for free!"

She said "Jesus Christ!"

And he said..."that why!"

They sat on those steps and talked, and she became a Christian.

So who knows!

"How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!"
Psalm 133:1

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Summer and the Worm

We have had alot of rain here, and with the rain comes the worms.

Big long pink worms. All over the sidewalk and driveway.

On our way out to the car, I called to Summer to show her one that was stretched out moving across the way. She ran over, and with interest crouched down to look.

Me: "Look Summer~ That is a worm! See it moving and wiggling!"

Summer: "Yesss...Do you want me to step on it??"

Ugh! No!!! I told her all about it being one of God's living creatures and that we love it.

Do you think she stands a chance growing up in a house with two older brothers??

Laugh Out Loud

Our Pastor just returned from a trip from Ethiopia. He was telling us of a funny interaction he had with a man there.

He was having a conversation with him, and trying to explain and show all the things that we were capable of doing. He pulled out his Ipod and was trying to show how we can do pod casts of our service each week. What possibilities there were! The man in turn I think taught something to Pastor Chuck....

The man wasn't too sure about all the new technologies Pastor Chuck spoke of. He simple said...

"all we have, is GOD."

Pastor Chuck I think felt humbled right away. Because that is all you need, right?


Friday, January 22, 2010

Apparently There Are More People Living Here Than I Thought....

Summer is constantly chattering.


Half of the jabber I can translate for you, and half of it I am at a loss.

One of the things she talks about All the time is my very good friend Malinda. She calls her Lin-a. Jabber, jabber Lina this. Jabber jabber Lina that.

She gets in arguments on her toy cell phone with Lin-a.

I would laugh and tell Malinda of these scenarios, but then I started to noticed that she wasn't saying "Lina". Alot of time she was saying Nina, and I just kind of ignored it.

But she says it SO much I finally stopped ignoring it, and asked her one day when she was in hot dispute over something with Nina, where Nina was?

I thought she would point across the street to Malinda's house.

Instead she pointed to the air right beside her and said "right there!"

Nina, apparently had been Summer's imaginary friend all this time, and we didn't even notice!

{{ can you say uninvolved mom~ugh}}

I have questioned her several times since, and yes Nina is beside her every time!

alrighty then. Four kids and this is new to me! Lol.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Got Nothing

I really have no general direction to go with this post... I have been under the weather with my stomach the past two days and laying low. Boy do things pile up quick around here if you aren't running at a pretty fast pace.
~~Mike is scheduled for surgery for next Thursday and handling it like a real man ( at this I laugh). Bless his heart, he is not one for medical stuff, and I think would much rather be in a bar fight any day than have to have a safe out patient procedure done.
~~My 12 year old is obsessed with Farmville and is to the point that he sets his alarm for 6 am because his crops need to be harvested?!?!?!
~~Tatum driving already has been a Godsend and is at the Y right now working out (but also has taken Matthew to his swim team practice!!). In turn, I get to be home on this rainy night and not have to drag Summer out in the dark. We are making tacos for their return.
~~Summer has discover Play-dough, and although she ultimately mixes all the colors together so you just end up with GREY, she stays quite busy and happy with it! Win/win.
~~Our pizza business has taken a major hit this month with a major competitor coming out with quite an advertisement. That plus add in every ones Christmas bills are coming due and it is s . l . o . w . Mike is NOT a happy camper. It is hard to get along right now.
~~Report cards come home this week and it is the start of the third quarter! Phew...I am ready for all signs to point to Spring!!
~~Oh, a little thing happened the other day called....SUMMER PEED IN THE POTTY FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!! YAY!!! Of course it's not consistent by ANY means but with that determined little girl it is a HUGE step of progress! Oh we danced and clapped and woke up the boys and passed out candy :) She was wandering around my room with no clothes on, (in a lame attempt on my part that had gone lazy and I just let her be ) and kept messing with me (she would sit on the potty and make the pssstt noise, like she was going and grin reall big....I swear she does this stuff to egg me on. Well at one point she really started to go! I think she kindof scared herself, Lol! She was like "I"M GOING MOM!"!!!!! It was so funny!)
~~I came across this picture in my files. It is from last April. It made me smile. Just look at that kitten's face. I don't know whether to laugh or cry for that little one! And Summer's tear's pooled up on her cheeks just about break my heart :)

Enough of my randomness... I will pull it together for a real post soon...~!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tatum Got Her License!

Oh Thank Goodness! My stomach was in a knot. After all the hoops and red tape, and money you have to go through it seems any more, it all came down to 10 minutes this morning.
Ten minutes that your baby walks away from you with an officer and you can't just wait.

Those highway patrol officers sure don't help any, because your smiles and kindness fall flat as soon as you walk in. Geez!

But she did it! Maneuverability??? Bah! Following all protocol??? childsplay! She scored excellent! Just one point off for taking a corner a little to sharp, and she self corrected :)


I need a nap....!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Matthew's Theory

When Jake and Matt came home from the night at the roller rink (BIG stuff here in our is the cool thing for them to do on a Saturday night, and Jake meets up with lot of friends from school), I caught wind from Matt that Jake had been having girls hug on him that evening!

I called Jake into the room to see what was up (oh gosh, already!) and if he had a "girlfriend" or what was the deal!

He assured me that he did not WANT a girlfriend, it was just hugs, and gave the right amount of disgust on his face under his under laying secret grin of approval.

Matthew pipes in with his theory then which totally cracked me up !

He said " Yeah, when Jake turn Fifteen, the girls will KISS him, and then the girls will HUG ME!!
Lol! Why he thinks "15" is the magical age Jake will start kissing, I don't know (but I like it!...please wait till 15).

And then for him to process that the leftovers will hug him, and that he will be old enough for the hugs by that time is too funny!

How in the world an eight year old mind works is beyond me! :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

One Huge Step for Mom, One Small Step Towards Potty

Summer has been INSANELY determined NOT to be potty trained. I can assure you that this small child can test the patience of a Saint. She could hold her determination till ALL the cows in the universe come home. She can make her point with the extreme emotion of the Exorcist.

Not only will she NOT go on the potty, her list includes NOT falling for any type of candy/prize, NOT caring if consequences come her way and Mama is mad and things are taken away, NOT showing ANY interest in other children her age that are trained/wearing underwear etc., NOT care about being forced to watch parents and siblings pee in front of her, and NOT wanting to wear her Dora the Explorer Underwear.

This has gone too far. She is about PHOBIC now of the underware! It use to be "the prize" to wear big girl pants, and somehow it became the enemy.

She will however hug her crotch and tell you she loves her diapers. She WILL wet her pants, and tell you "change me!". She did at one point today hang on her bedroom gate naked clutching a diaper like it was her only friend in the world.

In calm conversations that girl can crack you up. Daddy tried to talk with her some about her

fears and she calmly agreed with his logic and said ...((get this)) "That true...".

If I tell her I will leave the room and not put up with playing around anymore, she say "see ya..."


So today our break through......(after much cajoling, crying ((on both our parts)), headbanging((again both our parts)), and one extreme tantrum, the deal breaker came down to Ring around the Rosie. That's it. If I would do Ring around the Rosie, she would TRY on the underwear.

MAN! I'm so mad this video came in side ways....but I swear it is worth watching....especially the happy butt shake at the end.

We did get some practice runs of slide down the underwear...sit on the potty...slide the underwear up.

Still no pee in the pot yet though.

We're working on it.....

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Now You're Taking Away All My Fun

My Husband is hard to get. His goat that is.

We love to tease each other, and to wrestle, but when it comes to physical strength, hands down he wins. Every time.

Not that that doesn't fuel me EVEN more! And I die trying. I don't know when to stop. I tackle him with full fury and eventually I have to pull the girl card and cry or get hurt or something.

He wins.

We have fun doing this. Don't get me wrong. We love to play.

Now another thing you should know is through the years I did find ONE vice to give me leverage. My husband under NO circumstances can have his belly button touched. Weird huh? I swear just talking about it puts him into a cold sweat. If you can get in that area it is like an electric SHOCK to him. He leaps away and screams. Can. not. take. it.

So of course I use this whenever I can!

He hates me for it.

Now years ago like 1998 when it was just Tatum and Jake I came down the hall one Saturday and found my husband laying on the floor.

Grey. Ashen. Moaning.

Dying I thought! Heart attack? Appendix burst?? What Happened???

We rushed to the hospital and it ended up that he had a hernia (fyi...a hernia is a tear in your muscle wall where your insides fall through the hole and it hurts.) THAT SPOT! Right above his bellybutton. Sweet Mother of Mary. He layed in wreathing pain and with out any warning the Doctor gently took his fingers and "POPPED" his innards back through the muscle tear.


But.....then he felt better! It was all better!~

The doctor said we would have to have surgery to have that tear fixed so that doesn't keep happening. That they would put like a "screen" in.

So we big deal.

Through the years, Mike has been delicate about "don't touch my screen!" but I laugh it off and poke at his belly. We have continued to play and wrestle. For Pete's Sake he goes to the gym and does crunches and slaps out pizza dough like a maniac. forward to this month. I recognized a grey ashen moaning man one night.

Crap. "Do you think it is the same problem??" I asked?? We went to bed knowing in the morning we would go to the hospital if needed.

But he woke up fine!

So he did go for a yearly and get checked out. They did an MRI, and guessed it.

It's back. It's torn.

He tells me I did it.

Nothing like a surgery to take away all your fun.

Darnnit. Looks like I'm going to have to come up with another way to get his goat :(

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Is That the Five Pound Block Of Bologna??

When you first walk in the door ~ If you are having to ask yourself as you see your two year walk by gnawing on a hunk of meat "if your eye's be true....?" You might also want to be asking "If Jake is the sibling in charge....?"

Monday, January 11, 2010

Awww...For ME!~

I just got a new award! This one comes from my friend Sam and it requires you to list 7 interesting things about yourself and tag 7 other bloggers.

***I am trying bottled Bacardi Mojito tonight for the first time, and to be honest it is okay, but kind of like swallowing mint gum spit.
****When I was two I fell on the fireplace and bit off the tip of my tongue. (Okay, yea it was Christmas Eve, AND I sucked the stitches out with my pacifier so my parents had to take me BACK to the hospital to get it re sewn.) To this day you can still see the scar on my tongue.
***In the winter the backs of my hands crack open and bleed.
***I have two tattoos and one nose piercing.
***This week I have not had a minute to myself, but never felt so alone.
***Tomorrow I get to go for my annual Gyno appt. WITH a two year old in tow. (TMI...oh sorry)
***I have NO self control when it comes to desserts. None.
Now my lucky seven is!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Celebrating Her

This week my grandmother turned ninety years old. Today we held a celebration of her wonderful life so far! Her friends and family gathered round to show their love for this special lady.

My mom and aunt put together a continuous slide show of her from infancy to now. All of the adventures, babies and life she has lived....

She spent time soaking up the attention, enjoying friends, and some banter with Summer:)
These are her three babies all grown up...
Friends from all stages of her life were present...
and children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and one tiny great great grandchild waiting to be born (the very first!) (with Mama on R on end)

I think the most special part was watching her with my grandpa's sister. They have known each other since they were little girls. They went to elementary school together. Grandma grew up to marry her brother and now Grandpa has been gone for 10 years. They were drawn to each other. They held hands and talked for the longest time. They laughed and smiled and I would say almost clung to each other. Can you imagine all they have seen in their lifetime? They mentioned that almost everyone they knew now was passed on. How weird it was to be one of the only ones left. It was beautiful to watch these two friends, these two sister in laws.

Happy Birthday Grandma. We Love You So Much! We hope your day was Special!

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Big Snow

The Kids are home from school again today, and I can't believe it is still coming down in big chunky flakes. My hallway is littered with wet boots and mismatched gloves and the over pour of Christmas break is still present, but with wonderful insight I got from a blogger friend named Shannon, these are just rubber balls, and I am just letting them bounce...
I got to take Summer out yesterday for quite awhile and she had a blast. She looked ridiculously pink in her overstuffed snowsuit, coat, hat, boots, and gloves, and could barely walked, despite the snow, but had a blast. She laid down and tried to make snow angels and was busy eating more snow than playing with it.

Mike the Pizza warrior set out in his 4 wheels drive to get the good people of the community the food that they needed. Dedicated in his two pair of socks and hot coffee...
My friend Malinda stuck her head out and took Summer for a while and Jake and I hiked back by the pond and into the farmer's field and looked at a fort he and his friend had laboriously been building. He showed me with pride the rocks they carried in backpacks from the creek all the way over. It was simple, and quite, and special to be with him. It was nice.
Thank goodness for fresh new days to start upon. Clean Slates. White snowed over beginnings.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Intimite Glimpse

It is snowing so much outside. It simply is beautiful. Big fat flakes. The world covered in white.

Peaceful and still.

These are the days that a pizza man is gone. GONE. This is also a point we profusely disagree on. I don't think safety is something worth money. He doesn't think safety is even an issue.

I don't know what has gotten in to me but I know this past year has taken a toll. I can't pull myself out of it. I feel I am mean. Well, I know I am. I have become mean. A mean person. I feel so angry and resentful at times I take it out all day long. I can't sleep at night. I lay awake, and have constant disruptions and am taking way more prescriptions medicines than I care to admit.

Then again we have times that are just so perfect, I feel my old self and think I can pull it all back together again.

This past weekend when we went out for dinner with our friends it was such a good night. After we came home and put the kids to bed, surprisingly they all stayed that way, we had an evening to ourselves. It was soo late and we were up still and being silly. I got my camera because I had taken my hair down from the fancy hair do I had had done. I had curls spilling all over and I looked ridiculous. Mike and I took shots of each of and laughed and played and loved.

I slept so good that night and woke up smiling. I need to carry those feelings with me through everyday. Through the mundane and boring. Through the disagreements and time apart. Through the lack of sleep and frustrations. How do I do that though?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Week Of W's

WHITE STUFF- Tomorrow it is coming. Five to eight inches the last I heard. It is suppose to start around 5 a.m. You never know what kind of weather you will get in Ohio. But usually if snow comes it comes in January and February. Not so much around the holidays when I wish it would:{ After this I think I'm ready for Spring:)

WEIRD- Have you met my son Jake?? Yup. We are so proud. For years my husband would joke that the short bus would be coming for him...then it started not being so funny....

(Him trying on Matthew's swim cap for swim team just to see if he could get it over his golden locks)
I was updating my album and I found these pictures from last Summer. Apparently Jake found the camera and learn how to set the timer on it. His goal was to catch himself MID AIR.

WHATS IN THE DARK- The other morning Tatum got up for school (she gets up really early like 5:30). I had had trouble sleeping that night because of Mike's snoring so I had moved down to the office couch. I heard her turn on lights, and get breakfast and such. When she came into the dark office to turn on the computer (to check her face book farm of course!) I was laying there on the couch, and I said calmly "Boo".

You would have thought I lit that girl on FIRE! She LEAPT across the room and screamed, and THEN came and hit me! Saying "mama...that'smybiggestfeareveryouscaredmetodeath!!!!!!!"

O. M. G. I honestly wasn't trying to scare her, I was trying to let her know I was there and I just said boo to be funny, but I didn't say it in a scary way!

Anyways it was THE funniest thing I have seen in a LONG time:)

WINTER GETAWAY-Looks like my Mom is willing to take the kids again this year for Mike and I to get away for a few days. (remember last year when we got to go to Cancun for 3 days?) I am busy planning and finding the perfect place, and I "think" I have found it!! Details soon to come!

WHY POTTYTRAIN? Summer looks like she is going to be the hardest nut out of the 4 to crack. She absolutely will NOT go near the potty. She actually laid on the floor the other day in front of Mike and I clutching her crotch and declared that {{and I quote}} "loved peeing in her diaper, and NO NO potty!"

At least we are done with the pacifier?? score one for mom and dad;{

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Just Call Her Doc

I have a hard time shuffling through all the kids presents from Christmas, that some don't get opened right away. It certainly isn't that we don't love them, but the holidays are such an overwhelming time that a pile is created and it grows, and grows and by the time we get to some of the things it is January or later.

I actually like this because the kids appreciate their presents more. One... Mike and I can only read directions and build things so fast!, and two the really enjoy them so much more.

Today has been an awesome winter day. It snowed for the first real time last night and the outside world is covered in white. The kids had a two hour delay, so we all got to sleep in some:) This lazy afternoon, Summer and I took something out of "the pile" and opened up her Doctor's kit.

I tried to convince her to practice on the doll baby, but she wanted her kitties worse than anything to be her patients. Luckily I could entice them with the bin the toys came in and they happily sat in there be "worked on".
When one gave out you can always get another, lol!

She had a blast and worked away the afternoon.
Maybe a doctor in the future??
Ummm.. or maybe a vet?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dinner With Friends

Last night was a rare treat. Mike and I went out with very dear friends of ours. We try to get together with them after the rush of the holidays. We purposely do this so we can enjoy ourselves. And OH we do:)
We pick a fantasticly fancy restraunt and get all dressed up. We meet them and drink and eat the night away. It is glorious! We had SO MUCH FUN! We laughed the whole night.
Robin and Dan were next door neighbors of ours for EIGHT years. They have seen the good the bad and the ugly side of us, (and STILL love us) and us them. Robin has seen me pregnant three times and is the Godmother of Matthew. She has been my confidant, my walking partner, and my friend. For five years now we have not lived beside each other, and I miss her terribly.
How good it felt to be with her again. The men laughed, and we caught up and before you knew it was late! The night was over!

Thanks so much guys for a terrific night! Love you:)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dead Man Walking

My brother is rotten. When self contained it's kind of cute. Funny. Admirable even. My kids LOVE Uncle Timmy. He is the BEST! He is full of creative crazy fun ideas and does the most wonderful things. He does NOT live or think inside the box.

I do.

I like boxes.

When Uncle Timmy does something he does it to the beat of his own drum. Examples??? Hmm...Let's say building a true to form wigwam in his back yard...walking the Appalachian trail....growing plethora of vegetables in a garden when he won't eat ONE.

Now when Uncle Timmy gives gifts at Christmas I cringes. Messy. Goopy. Explosive.

This year he's dead.

(I'm coming for you Tim!)

It wasn't until a day later that I saw one of the gifts he gave 12 yo Jake. They are called Thunder Snaps. In lay mans terms SELF EXPLOSIVE LADY FINGERS. As in NO FIRE NEEDED. Kind of like a pop-it on crack.

Oh joy:)

Just throw them down and KA-BOOM!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Out with the Old and In with the New

That was a favorite saying of my mom's, and now that I type it down I find it funny being that she saves everything.

Being a New Year and all it seems very appropriate, but over here it has much more meaning because we are {{trying}} really hard to embrace the newness of all the change that technology has brought us.

We had a big of a trouble with our email service (they decided to END) and had to switch our email address (horrifying when you have a business). But to me I was convinced this was the end of my blog. This was intertwined so deep it seemed into my blog. It was my user name, it was how I would comment on all of your blogs, it seemed all so complicated!

I had to call in the BIG DOGS. (Lacey from Don't Make Drugs aka mad scientific genius). I swear we worked on this for hours. We laughed. We cried (literally) and we {{almost}} erased the blog at one point. We fought four kids coming into the office (on my end), and a gaming boyfriend battling kettlefish (on her end) throughout.

I went to bed with it kindof fixed.

Godbless Lacey, she continued to work on it, and when I woke up it was **fixed!!**

Kindof! (please let me know if any of you experience trouble and what kind)


My New email address is....

and of course my blog is

IF you try to link back to me from an old comment dating before 12/30/09 it will take you to the OLD profile page and there will be NO blog to click onto:(

Any comments from 12/30/09 on you can come back to me.

The same with anybody that I followed. The old address follows you. I will have to follow you again now with my new address. Will you mind my mug up there twice on your blog???? If you are funny about numbers I won't click on you again.

Gosh....Sorry this was a technical post...blugh!

Any ways...How was your NEW YEARS!!!

We had wonderful family friends over!

Summer latched on tightly to my friend Cindy ( her godmother ) and took her off several times, Lol. To her room, to the basement. We had to keep calling "Cindy are you okay?? Do you want us to come get you??" Summer was loving on her!
Tatum of course loved having Lindsey here (her BEST FRIEND from childhood) and Lindsey got to stay the night.
Matthew spent the evening with friends, so we had a great time playing games and just enjoying the older one...
We laughed and ate, and drank, and watched the Ball drop. It was a great start to 2010!