Saturday, January 16, 2010

One Huge Step for Mom, One Small Step Towards Potty

Summer has been INSANELY determined NOT to be potty trained. I can assure you that this small child can test the patience of a Saint. She could hold her determination till ALL the cows in the universe come home. She can make her point with the extreme emotion of the Exorcist.

Not only will she NOT go on the potty, her list includes NOT falling for any type of candy/prize, NOT caring if consequences come her way and Mama is mad and things are taken away, NOT showing ANY interest in other children her age that are trained/wearing underwear etc., NOT care about being forced to watch parents and siblings pee in front of her, and NOT wanting to wear her Dora the Explorer Underwear.

This has gone too far. She is about PHOBIC now of the underware! It use to be "the prize" to wear big girl pants, and somehow it became the enemy.

She will however hug her crotch and tell you she loves her diapers. She WILL wet her pants, and tell you "change me!". She did at one point today hang on her bedroom gate naked clutching a diaper like it was her only friend in the world.

In calm conversations that girl can crack you up. Daddy tried to talk with her some about her

fears and she calmly agreed with his logic and said ...((get this)) "That true...".

If I tell her I will leave the room and not put up with playing around anymore, she say "see ya..."


So today our break through......(after much cajoling, crying ((on both our parts)), headbanging((again both our parts)), and one extreme tantrum, the deal breaker came down to Ring around the Rosie. That's it. If I would do Ring around the Rosie, she would TRY on the underwear.

MAN! I'm so mad this video came in side ways....but I swear it is worth watching....especially the happy butt shake at the end.

We did get some practice runs of slide down the underwear...sit on the potty...slide the underwear up.

Still no pee in the pot yet though.

We're working on it.....