Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Just Call Her Doc

I have a hard time shuffling through all the kids presents from Christmas, that some don't get opened right away. It certainly isn't that we don't love them, but the holidays are such an overwhelming time that a pile is created and it grows, and grows and by the time we get to some of the things it is January or later.

I actually like this because the kids appreciate their presents more. One... Mike and I can only read directions and build things so fast!, and two the really enjoy them so much more.

Today has been an awesome winter day. It snowed for the first real time last night and the outside world is covered in white. The kids had a two hour delay, so we all got to sleep in some:) This lazy afternoon, Summer and I took something out of "the pile" and opened up her Doctor's kit.

I tried to convince her to practice on the doll baby, but she wanted her kitties worse than anything to be her patients. Luckily I could entice them with the bin the toys came in and they happily sat in there be "worked on".
When one gave out you can always get another, lol!

She had a blast and worked away the afternoon.
Maybe a doctor in the future??
Ummm.. or maybe a vet?