Friday, January 8, 2010

The Big Snow

The Kids are home from school again today, and I can't believe it is still coming down in big chunky flakes. My hallway is littered with wet boots and mismatched gloves and the over pour of Christmas break is still present, but with wonderful insight I got from a blogger friend named Shannon, these are just rubber balls, and I am just letting them bounce...
I got to take Summer out yesterday for quite awhile and she had a blast. She looked ridiculously pink in her overstuffed snowsuit, coat, hat, boots, and gloves, and could barely walked, despite the snow, but had a blast. She laid down and tried to make snow angels and was busy eating more snow than playing with it.

Mike the Pizza warrior set out in his 4 wheels drive to get the good people of the community the food that they needed. Dedicated in his two pair of socks and hot coffee...
My friend Malinda stuck her head out and took Summer for a while and Jake and I hiked back by the pond and into the farmer's field and looked at a fort he and his friend had laboriously been building. He showed me with pride the rocks they carried in backpacks from the creek all the way over. It was simple, and quite, and special to be with him. It was nice.
Thank goodness for fresh new days to start upon. Clean Slates. White snowed over beginnings.