Sunday, January 17, 2010

Matthew's Theory

When Jake and Matt came home from the night at the roller rink (BIG stuff here in our is the cool thing for them to do on a Saturday night, and Jake meets up with lot of friends from school), I caught wind from Matt that Jake had been having girls hug on him that evening!

I called Jake into the room to see what was up (oh gosh, already!) and if he had a "girlfriend" or what was the deal!

He assured me that he did not WANT a girlfriend, it was just hugs, and gave the right amount of disgust on his face under his under laying secret grin of approval.

Matthew pipes in with his theory then which totally cracked me up !

He said " Yeah, when Jake turn Fifteen, the girls will KISS him, and then the girls will HUG ME!!
Lol! Why he thinks "15" is the magical age Jake will start kissing, I don't know (but I like it!...please wait till 15).

And then for him to process that the leftovers will hug him, and that he will be old enough for the hugs by that time is too funny!

How in the world an eight year old mind works is beyond me! :)