Monday, January 26, 2009

I Need An Apron

We talked in church on Sunday about how important it is to take a little time to yourself each day to pray. Not only that, but how important it is to do in a calm and quite setting. Time that you schedule to do your daily bible reading or such, where you are not distracted and can give your whole to God.

I have struggled with this aspect of it since we started our Bible reading plan on Jan. 1st and thought to myself. "Yeah, that's me! The kids, the phone, the constant interruptions" I'm just not good enough at this. I suck at this aspect.

Well the pastor was able to put me in my place, and give me inspiration at the same time. See the picture below. It is a picture of Susannah Wesley. She was the mother of the famous hymn writer Charles Wesley.
She had 19 children. Only 10 lived to adulthood, but still that is quite a houseful. Every day she prayed.

How did she do it. Well if she was really exasperated she would just throw her apron up over her head. If the kids saw mom with the apron on her head, she was praying...leave her be~!

I know some days I wish I was wearing an apron because not only would I hide under it for some solitude, I could even tie my kids up with it, if I was really desperate. (just kidding..kind of)