Saturday, January 3, 2009


When Summer was born, it was years after the other children. We knew there would be quite an age difference, but we didn't care. Tatum was 13 when she was born, Jake was 9 and Matthew was 5 soon to be 6. I liked to think of it as a family raising this baby. For the most part it has had a different feel than when we had the others, especially from when we had Tatum and Jake. Maybe because we are older now too, maybe because we are wiser and been around this parenting block before, and maybe be she was oh so planned.
It has been neat to see the dynamics unfold of each relationship. She has begun talking and has names for each of her brothers. "Jo Jo" is Jake. (Joseph is his middle name) She calls Matthew "Bubby". Her and Matty have a special bond and have a good time playing together. The other night she insisted he hold her in his lap and read to her.

She is starting to put words together and said "Bubby..up!"

Matthew eats up the attention and obliges for sure!

My heart aches with so much overflowing love when I get to see such unsolicited adoration.