Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tree Hugger

I am a sucker when it comes to photography. With a capital "S". I know next to nothing actually about the art of it and it would be a dream to someday study, and become a photographer, but until then, I keep myself happy with playing around with my camera and once a year paying someone hundreds of dollars to capture what is in my head, of what I think my family's pictures should and could look like.

Something I have always felt was so beautiful is trees. When I first got my camera I went out in search of trees for these shots. It was wintertime, so it was perfect to get to see the raw beauty of their branches.

It was just Mike and I alone one afternoon, spent looking for beautiful trees. A perfect afternoon in my book.

To think that these trees have seen years upon years of times and changes. They have grown stronger and taller and weathered seasons of rain and storms. How many different souls have come and gone on this earth, as this steady tree stood it's ground?

In the Summer, when this tree has it's leaves you do not even get to see the beauty of it's white bark so much. It takes the barren winter for you to even notice it.

I made these into 8x10's and hung them in my dining room. I got some really nice black and white matted frames.