Friday, January 16, 2009

Thanks Mom!

Do you see the picture of the most saintly wonderful person in the world above?? That is my mom. She may look like an ordinary mom to you, but to me she looks like this..... you ask? What in world has she done. Well, there are a thousand wonderful loving and brilliant things she has done! But the most recent being........
She had agreed to stay with my 4 children, and keep them clothed and alive until Mike and I return from CANCUN!!!! No Kidding! This will be the first trip He and I have EVER taken alone, unless you count our honeymoon, in which we even had a stowaway (Tatum) then in my there was no drinking or snorkeling or such.
We are so excited (though we are trying not to act it cause it is making the kids mad). We leave February 22nd to the 25th!!!

GOD BLESS MY MOTHER!!! (Let's all say a prayer of Thanks for her 'kay?)