Saturday, January 17, 2009

Batting Zero or Striking Gold?

I had lots of things to accomplish today, and a battle plan to attack.

But it was 3 freakin degrees outside!

And here is how my list went...

Catch the 9:15 exercise class at the Y with a friend~ well the kids had a 2 hour delay, so that wasn't going to happen

My back up plan was after I got the kids to school in case of delay to meet Heather and work out~yup, I cancelled. I stayed in bed with a sinus headache a little longer after I gave her a call.

Drop off flyer's at the Junior High for upcoming pizza night~I handed them to Mike as he walked out the door and asked him if he didn't mind dropping them off for me.

Pick up Tatum from High School at 11:40 due to exams~ her friends stepfather offer to pick the girls up and I happily accepted!

The rest I could do from my computer and phone, and to tell you the truth, this house desperately needed the "at home mom" to be at home all day.

Oh, and I was. I was in my pajama's till 2! I did more laundry than we need to ever discuss. My car stayed parked in the drive way ALL DAY.