Thursday, January 1, 2009

My New Year Resolution

Welcome 2009!!!

I feel I am in a really good place. I feel strong, and able, and loved. I am ready to take on challenges that God has put in my path.

I have heard that resolutions don't work. This I believe. I have failed with them before. Not committed strong enough. And then years ago a friend told me that you had to start with something small. Something that you could take on. Something that would better you, but not make you feel defeated in the end by failing. I chose that every day I would instead of soap, use a face wash in the shower for my skin. How simple is that? I had 3 small children then, life was crazy busy, and surely I could fit that in. In a coarse of a year, a decade, a lifetime!, the difference it would do to the skin on my face, would be insurmountable! I did it a whole year. I have done it 6 years since. That was my first year that I kept a resolution, and boy did it feel great!

Since then, I have gained strength in my resolutions, and try real hard. Last year, was to work out 3 times a week at the gym, and with my best friend being my workout partner, that made it a whole lot easier. We did it!

So this year, I have taken on a desire that has eaten at me my whole life. It is something that is on my bucket list and now that it is set up with a very well designed program, and with my husband as my partner, I hope I can do it!

I have wanted to read to the Bible, but always been LOST when trying. I DO NOT understand SO many parts, and it frustrates me. I do not agree with so many things that the stories tell in the Old Testaments, and it usually ends up with me in tears and quitting. Our church has challenged up with a READING PROGRAM where everyday you read JUST a section NOT in chronological order, and you keep a journal. You write down you favorite verse, you repeat write down what that verse is in you own words, and then you apply it to your own life, and then you pray. By the end of the year you have done the whole bible. The selling point for me was when the pastor stood up in church as said that HE did not understand 75% of the bible. Do not let that stop you. Move on past that part, and focus on the parts you DO understand. Someday in Heaven we will get all our questions answered, but until then....just hang on. With this knowledge, a reading program, a notebook, a partner, a Bible written in the SIMPLEST terms, I think I can do this!

In addition to this spiritual quest, I am going to continue with my workouts like I did last year. My goal is to maintain my weight at 140. (Which means I gotta lose that 5 pds I have now gained:()

And the FUNNEST goal and ANOTHER thing off my bucket list this year which I cannot tell you about yet....but will be coming in a future post............our family is growing again (in some form:) Now I have your attention...huh!!) I am so excited. We told the kids on New Years Eve! Details are to come soon........................okay, okay, a little hint......She lives in Mexico with her family, and is the same exact age as Summer, so they will grow up having birthdays at the same time!