Wednesday, December 31, 2008

GoodBye 2008

Oh my gosh, how the year has flown by. How the years in my life are zipping by at such a fast pace. I can remember as a kid, it seemed as if time drug, and I had forever. How LONG would it take for me to grow up. Now I can hardly believe that I have been married to Mike almost as long as I was a child in my parent's home! Here are some highlight from 2008 from our home..

In February Mike and I celebrated our 15 year 6 weeks we will celebrate 16 years!!!

He won the National Award for Franchisee of the year for his companey...

and while he was gone I got my 1st tattoo for my 33rd Birthday with Heather.

There was lots of snow that year and a cold winter. Jake signed up for his first year of football.

Tatum's class took a trip to Washington D.C. on a bus

Summer learned how to stand..and then walk!
Mike played steady on his guitar, and kept his fingers tough, and our hearts light.

Summer finally started to grow more than peach fuzz on her head.
Mike turned 44, and Summer turn ONE!

(YES...I made that cake!)

We went to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and tried to have fun, even though we threw up the whole way, had strep throat and ear infections, and ended in a Urgent Care:(

We went hiking, had cookouts, went on family outings, and had pool parties.

I had a whole year of having a best friend! It was wonderful bliss. Thank you Heather!
We picked blueberries...
and made a few messes...

Matthew turned 7 this year. Jake turned 11, and Tatum turned 15.
We got a trampoline!
And spent alot of time at grandma's pool!
Matthew got Abby.
My brother's family and ours (with Mom and Jack) stayed at the WolfLodge.

We lost teeth, and the tooth fairy came. We had school projects on stars and book reports. Mom learned this crazy thing called BLOGGING, and got swept up in Twilight (thanks Heather!)

I was a fast, busy, messy, hard, fun, fantastic year! Thank you God for blessing me with so much in my life!
Here is to a great new start to a great new year....2009!!!!