Saturday, December 27, 2008

Summer's Shoes

I know this may seem mundane to some, but in my mundane small everyday life , this is an everyday issue...Summer's shoes. Or to say it better, the lack of her shoes. The girl will NOT keep her shoes on. When she is given time alone, she takes them off. Which means EVERY time we get ready to go somewhere, socks shoes, coat, hat, clean diaper, diaper bag, purse, kids in car , and she is strapped in her car seat left to her own device....she gets busy.

Twenty degrees outside and I see this...
bare piggies.
We are driving along and I hear the small rip of Velcro, and I say..."don't you do it SUM!"
She does.
If I don't hear it, I will hopefully say to Mike,"are her shoes still on and he will say "Hell No!"
The kids breath are blowing fog in the car it is so cold and her little toes are blues, and yet she continues to do it!!!! I cannot make it stop.

So the other day I got out to get her and I looked all disappointed at her and she said "Dews!!! dews!!!" I said "I know Summer, that is not a nice girl to take off your shoes!" and she starts to clap her hands and says "Yay!!!"
She had kept them on! And was telling me she was a good girl! I couldn't believe it! doesn't take much to make this mundane life perk up a whole bunch:)