Sunday, December 14, 2008

I Only Want A Candy Cane This Year...

I don't know about you guys, but we watch WAY too much T.V. around here. Something that always seems to be on is Noggin. (It's like preschool on T.V.!!! ((that's their logo for those of you who don't know!)) ) Anyway the narrator, if you will, of this channel is Moose A. Moose and his little friend Zee. They come in between the shows and sing songs and teach us wonderful wonderful things! He does have some pretty catchy tunes, the one he is singing now for Christmas is called "I only want a candy cane this year." Check it out here if you is too cute.

ANYWAYS. Summer loves Moose and know all his songs and thinks they are buds. Things don't get much better than mama's bed, a cuppy of milk, a pluggy in hand, and Moose A. Moose singing his songs to her!

So much to our surprise this weekend, Summer got an early Christmas present from her godmother, Cindy. (I know, I know Cindy...the tag said "Do not open till Dec. 25th", but you should know me better than that!) Inside was a little beanie baby moose....
in a stinkin candy cane striped bag!!!!

She has cuddled with Moose all over the house, and even fought with Abby (the kitten) over it! Thanks Cindy! Our super sonic friendship waves must have somehow knew that this was just what she needed:)