Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sad Sad Day

I feel like a failure. As a pet owner. As a mom. So no matter which side of the fence you take on this story, know that you can not beat me up more than I already have.

Maybe it was because the baby was born after Willie had lived with us for years. Maybe because he was the newbie to the other 3 older children. But when Summer arrived, I cannot say that he did not like her...but he was not interested in her.

When she was approaching her 1st birthday, after we had owned him for 5 years already, out of the blue one night, she got too close to him I guess. He barked, bared his teeth, and swiped her face. Mike swooped in like a Papa Bear and removed the dog, while I in shock checked my baby head to toe. We could not believe he did that. He had NEVER done anything like that before. She had a deep tooth mark in her forehead that did not bleed. It bruised quite well though and we counted our lucky stars that that was all it was. We know of the horror stories of children that have be severely scarred or killed by a family pet.

But this was our Willie. He hadn't done this before. Had she got too close or hurt him somehow that we did not know of. doesn't really matter. You can't have a houseful of kids and not trust your dog.

We talked about putting him down. We called rescue shelters. We asked neighbors. We talked to our vet.

But as the days slid by, and the normalcy of life continued, I lost nerve. I can be quite an emotional person, especially when it comes to animals.

We promised we would try harder. We would put up baby gates. They would not be left alone together. And we promised an ultimatum.

If it was to EVER happen again that would be it.

Well it has. Again, Thank God, she did not get hurt. No bite mark. Maybe a bruise will come up, I don't know. Mike saw it. She was standing by him. She touched him. He bared his teeth. He barked. He went after her arm. He hunkered down immediately, knowing full well he had been bad.

Willie I am so sorry.

Mike is taking him in this morning.