Sunday, December 21, 2008

Valley Vineyard

We went out tonight with two other couples that are very good friends of ours. We celebrated the holidays without children and a nice dinner. We have a nice vineyard in the next town where you cook your steaks outside on their grills, get a bottle of their wine, and have their sides for a set couple price. DEAL!
God forbid sitters cancelling, children getting sick, husbands working, we all showed up at 6 dressed up and ready to go.
Catherine showed up with her new "do" looking adorable. Love it!!! (She cut all her long hair off and donated it to Locks of Love...too cool!)

Heather and Joe arrived all lookin fine for Morrow!!

Me and Mike

We each got our bottle of wine and started talking and laughing, and Kipper and Catherine bought us each another bottle of wine which kept us talking and laughing...and then we realized we really needed to get some food in us, so the guys went out and started our steaks, and oh did we eat!!!

Girls! I had so much fun!! You all better be serious when you were talkin about that cruise, because you can't play with a girls heart that way! I'm so there...

..............Merry Christmas Friends!!! .................