Monday, December 8, 2008

Santa's Gift

For Christmas this year we were going to try to have the children receive on Christmas morning only 3 gifts each. Each of those gifts would be truly wanted, well thought out, nicely spent upon presents of coarse, we just didn't want to waste and overload...especially with things being so tight everywhere. They still would get presents from other family members and it would be more than enough. The kids have surprisingly taken well to this idea. (and I have first I was not so crazy about it seems kind of fun!)

With my older two not being "believers" in Santa, I guess I just thought maybe Matthew knew too. So the other day he says out of the blue "Mom, if we are getting just 3 gifts, what about Santa's gifts??" Clearly I had not thought this out, but I didn't want to change our rules, so I said that Santa of coarse was coming, and that he would bring the most special biggest present, and that we would give him the other two. I didn't want him to feel shortchanged by Santa for Pete's sake, so I reiterated that even though he just brought one gift it would be super special. (For Matthew we have chosen a motorcycle bicycle..something he has always dreamed of!)

Matthew then says...

"you mean LIKE A MONKEY!!!"

Again, I was on the spot and not doing well in this fumbling conversation with a seven year old. This was not going the direction I was wanting. We at that point were getting into the car for church. The conversation turned into other things and the day went on.

I hope on Christmas morning he is not disappointed...because if he is I'm a blamin Santa!