Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I can hardly believe it, but I am actually reaching the monumental 100th post tomorrow. Boy time flies when (you do a post every day) your having fun. Come over and check me out, because I will be having a give-away!

Today I got some Christmas shopping done, and when I was in Hobby Lobby I found the do it yourself stick it vinyl letters I had been looking for. It was even better than I had hoped because instead of having individually letters to have to buy, they sold sets of sayings. It did prove to be a big hard applying them, and in my first attempt I ripped the word in a couple spots, but after that one I did pretty well. I will TRY to not allow the OCD in me to override my joy of this, and ignore this small flaw. (If it wins, I will have to go buy a whole new set and replace that one word! UGH!)

This is in our bedroom, it has the 4 children as babies on the left, and then our newest shots up. I am so happy with how it turned out!
Come see me tomorrow for my BIG DAY!!!! YAY!!!

P.S. Go check out Jenny and the Princess Peonies...she has some great prizes up!!!!