Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

This morning the kids woke us up early and once we all were gathered, we went downstairs to see if Santa had come. Oh, he had! The tree can be seen from the staircase, and as we went down the kids were excited and looking, but I was watching Matthew, because I knew around the corner in the adjoining room was his big surprise present from Santa. It took him a moment to notice, but when he did he face lit up and his jaw dropped. He didn't say "That is mine" or even "look what I got", but he asked "Who is that for?" When we told him that was for him he was so excited and happy. It is something he has always wanted...a motorcycle bike.

I think this helped established his belief in Santa for a little longer. He knows how long and hard we tried to find one of these this summer. No store, or online luck. But Santa....he made it.
Next to it was the playhouse for Summer. She got to being busy in it right away. Opening and shutting doors. Baby in and out. She had cornered each of the kids inside at one point of the day, and Mike even readily played with her, only to become trapped. She gets a little possessive.

(She is quite messy here....just had finished some applesauce)
Jake's big gift was an electric scooter. Poor guy had to wait for his to charge, but it didn't end up taking as long as the directions had said.

And Tatum with her Vera Bradley purse, skinny jeans, loaded up on itunes, and new boots......all the necessaries of being 15.
We stayed home all day and played with toys and hung out. We had our big French toast breakfast and Honey Baked Ham dinner. Here is Summer playing with some bath crayons she got as a gift from one of the kids

All in all it was a great day. We did go to our Christmas movie, but made the mistake of seeing "Marley and Me". Not a good choice for a family who put their dog down this month. Tatum and I were sobbing. (they actually visually go through the putting to sleep part) I am trying to pull myself out of that funk and carry on, but it was a dumb choice.
Now I am ready to embrace our new year and get my house back in order!! It was a really nice Christmas. I am so very blessed.