Saturday, December 6, 2008

They're Gonna Put That Where??

My poor boy. He has had a cough that just won't go away. Week after week, it continues on, and doesn't seem to get better. Before Thanksgiving break we got a phone call from the school saying that there had been a confirmed case of Pertussis in the school (whooping cough).
Now I already feel like I live at the Dr's with Summer's ear infections, Jake's med refills for ADD, and keeping on top of 4 kids well visits, and basic sickness. So since it was a holiday weekend, he wasn't making the typical whooping sound when he coughed, and Heather had had Elijah tested for the same kind of cough, and it was negative, I put it off.
It has been eating at me though, that maybe I should get him checked out, and after another week of constant coughing, I took him in today.
To test for pertussis, you have to swab inside the nose.


With a LONG metal wire swab.

Once they put it in, they keep feeding in more down in there. When Jake saw that swab he knew it wasn't good. It burned, he coughed, they made him sit on his hands so he wouldn't swipe them.
Poor guy.
they did it again to the other side. Good Night!

He was a trooper. Afterwards he told them he like strep swab much better. (you know the kind that almost make you throw up) I think he made the nurse feel really sad.

I am sure it will probably turn out negative, but the doctor assured me that with his cough going on for this long that the medicine wipes out a broad range of possibilities and that it is best we came in.

Betty, you are right! I am ready to be done with this week! I am ready for some good news and happy times!