Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Crazy Boys

**** Tatum's hamster died the other day. This little guy had lived way past his designated life span. He had been purchased with Jake and Matthew's hamster's years ago, but theirs had died in a timely fashion, lol.

So I was outside with Matthew when I broke the news...

ME: "Matty...Disney died last night.."

MATTHEW: "WHAT did you say!!!???"

ME: "Disney died last night, honey"

MATTHEW: "Oh NO! That's awful!! Oh my gosh!"

(he zooms off on his scooter, and then circles back around again)

MATTHEW: "Who is Disney again??"


***We are in the car on a long car ride back from my moms house. The boys are in the very back of the van. They have found the cheap dollar store bag of army men I used to decorate Matthew's birthday cake. The are actually playing nice together and quite enthralled with their world of pretend! I leaned over to Mike and said "can you believe it! They are just playing with those little plastic army men. They are getting along so well!" Now for my boys this is nothing short of a miracle. They usually fight, cannot be entertained by DVD's, DS'S, or anything that is abbreviated, and turn my husband into a swiping, cursing sailor usually before we hit the highway!

I wasn't going to question it, and just enjoyed our one peaceful ride, like ever.

Later as Mike and I cleaned out the car, we found the little green army men everywhere, of course.

But they were all missing their heads!

Those boogars had decapitated every one! I don't know how. I guess they bit them off.

Even today I found two little green pellets rolling on the ground, and knew they were heads...oy!