Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Welcome Summer~

This Memorial Day our family got to KICK off summer in the best way! Celebrating it together. My brother's family and mine met at my mom's house to swim and have fun. Our newest addition little A.J. came, and we got to see and hold him for the first time. He is just as sweet as can be, and just snuggles down into you.

Jake wanted to hold him. (until he wriggled and cried, lol)

and Summer was very curious as to the newest baby of the family.

Tatum enjoyed just curling up with him for quite awhile:)

I swear Summer had on a bathing suit, but by the end when I took these pictures, we had thrown in the towels for formalities. I was trying to get some cute black and white shots of her.

Summer and her cousin Lei Anna are only 6 months apart, and I think this summer they might actually start to play with each other. We had some bubbles out and they we both interested in them.

Fun "ol grandma was busy teaching Miss Summer the fine art of blowing water out of the swim noodle...

My brother and his wife just celebrated their 15 year anniversary. They went on a weekend getaway to Hocking Hills and got a cabin. My sister in law, Missy, had really been wanting a diamond ring, but my brother said they could either do the trip or the ring. So she chose the trip. While they were there he would give her little inexpensive sweet gifts as the trip went on. Finally at one point they went on a hike and went to a waterfall. In front of it he gave her this.....a stack of the romance novels she loves to read with a letter. She thought it was sweet, but not much of it, since he had been giving her little gifts the whole time.

But when she opened it up....

Needless to say she was thrilled and made her a very happy lady!

It was a great day. Cousins shared.

Families regrouped.

Men talked.

Generations reached.

Time was spent.

Children Laughed.

Summer...bring it on;-)