Monday, May 25, 2009

Wedding Weekend

This weekend we went to my cousins wedding. It was an outside garden wedding. Before we left, I was able to get my friend to take our picture. (cause it's not everyday the whole motley crue is this cleaned up!)

Not only did we get one good shot (a miracle, I swear!), we got two!
The bride had wanted her wedding held at her parents home, in their yard. She had her father build a special gazebo and stone laid path just for this event. It was definitely a labor of love! One that was worked on nonstop until the day of the wedding.
I love this shot below. The bridesmaids had already walked out and she was hiding behind her dad, just kind of peeking out.

I love this one too, below. The are laughing and looking at each other with cake on their face:)
It was a beautiful day, that we all enjoyed. It was so good to be surrounded by family.
(And the cupcakes were good too!)