Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Week Of W's

I have not been able to keep up lately with anything. It just seems to be a really busy time of year. So here is a really sloppy attempt at my week of W's.

Whuh-ohh~ Some how we ended up with 3 gallons of Vitamin D milk in the garage refrigerator. (We drink skim, the baby drinks Vit D) I can only explain it as we go through milk so quickly in this house of 6 that every time I go to the store, I buy 2 gallons of each. Usually we still are running out! I guess Mike picked up some, and that threw us off balance or something, but they all today!~
Soooooooo I have been in the pie making business. (3 cups of milk per pie!) Banana Cream Pie and Chocolate...whatever! I have passed them out to neighbors and felt great about surprising them with desert.
Oh...that, and everyone is mandated to drink ALOT of milk!

Work-out~ Tatum has started her hard core program of P90X. If you haven't seen the infomercials for this, it. is. intense. But years of gymnastics has her made for this! (me, I think it would kill) Since her injury, she is upset with her weight gain, and is determined to get back in shape. She is quite dedicated and doing well!
Her friend Danielle has done it with her some, and we even have a guest appearance occasionally...

WOO-HOO~ My very good bloggy friend Cassie from Australia has had her baby girl!!! Yay! Little Bella was born May 16th and is their 7th child. I so wish I could go see that sweet little baby:)
WHINE~I am on day 2 of doing a natural cleansing. Ummm yup. It is suppose to last 30 days. I do not see how this can last 30 days if I have to live beside my toilet:) I know, I know it is Soooo beneficial to do, and scrubs and cleans out the toxins from your insides and you can lose like 15 pounds of unnecessary weight just because it is trapped in your whatever. But apparently they did not consider ALL that it entails.
That is all I will burden you with.
WOW~ The kittens have gotten so big so fast. They gallop through the house now, and are getting long and lanky. They must be like in their preteen phase.

WISH~ I wish that the alligator cupcakes that my mom and I attempt to make for Matthew's birthday for his class, look half as good as this picture, and that it somewhat resembles an alligator
WEIRD~ Every night at dinner when we say our prayer, at the end we all say "Amen" but Summer say "Yay!!!"
We're working on that one:)