Friday, May 22, 2009

The Magic of Rings

During getting ready for the festivities of Matthews birthday dinner, I had made the mistake of putting the pot of corn on to boil, with a spatula too close (okay IN the open flame) to the fire of the stove top. When I noticed the utensil on fire, I instictivly grabbed it to take to the sink and douse the flaming end under water. Since it was melting and dripping plastic, I also instinctivly put my hand under it to catch any drips.

I did.

The boiling melting on fire plastic continued to melt into my finger, which happened to be my ring finger. Honestly it didn't hurt that bad, but I was worried that the blister would swell up too much that I would have my rings stuck on, so first thing I did was slip them off.

Now my rings have been on me every single day of my adult life. Never have I taken them off. You all know the story, but for those who don't, I got married at 17, and have been married for 16 years now. They have been a part of me as much as my skin, and to not wear them is to feel almost naked. Through graduation, births, deaths, my entire 20's, it has helped define who I am. They are just always there, a constant reminder of my life, and Mike, and ME.

As we laid in bed last night, I told Mike that I was not wearing them. In a panicked little girls' scream, he demanded I go put them back on! I laughed and snuggled in, telling him he was being silly.

So today, I ventured out, bare handed and all.

Living in my head, being silly, I was an independent, non kept woman! Every one that looked at me must have thought " oh my...there is a single savvy lady!"

I zoomed around in my minivan and relished in my new freedom.

It was fun for a day. And it was fun for pretend. But tonight I will be glad snuggling up to Mike and to know that I am a kept woman...and that I love it!