Saturday, May 2, 2009

I am Amazing!

This is the best award ever! Because it is from my best blog friend ever, Lacey! Lacey is someone I met that lives half across the country, that if it wasn't for this blog, our paths would NEVER have probably crossed. She is a very talented writer, she is very passionate about her love for animals, she is funny and sweet and I just love her to death:)

Lacey never fails to comment, AND sends me long emails to boot. She makes me smile, and has joined me in my daily bible reading goal. I hope to one day get to met this girl and share a beer and some laughs!

Thanks Lacey!

The "A Blogger's Best Friend Award" shall be given to your most loyal blog readers. Thus, the award should be given to a follower of yours who takes the time to comment regularly on many of your posts. In addition, his or her blog should be creative, funny and always entertaining. Upon receiving this award, pass it along to two fellow bloggers who fit this criteria. Congratulations

I will pass this on to my two top commenter's, that if they did not leave me a comment, I would actually worry about them:)

1. Carabee over at Land of Bean. Cara is so funny and sweet and has been really great to know. I love hearing about her antics with Sophie Bean, and I look forward to reading her posts everyday!

2. Heather at Sugar and Spice. She is a blog friend I have met for really real real! And I have been blessed with her beautiful baby kittens to raise. She has 3 cutie patootie boys, and lives just one town away!


I got this award from Vivienne over at the V spot. She is my newest friend, my assigned swap partner for an upcoming exchange. I think she is super funny and a hoot to read. I have to name 7 things I am awesome at to show you all my awesomeness:)

1. I can play a mean game of backgammon. When Mike and I play I usually can win 85% of the time

(hmm...maybe I am not so good and Mike is just really bad?)

2. I think I am really good with photography, and if given the time and education, I could really make something out of it!

3. I make the best Taco Dip in the whole freaking world. (does it count that I got the recipe from someone you say? Ohhh good!) I love it, my kids love it, everyone that eats it LOVES IT!

4. I can eat baked goods every single day of my life and still crave more. I don't get tired of them. I love them. If I did not have self control, I absolutely could eat an entire box of donuts all by myself.

5. I am a light weight when it comes to alcohol, so literally after one drink I am tipsy. By 3 I am swinging from the chandelier singing Oh Susanna, and anymore than that I am sick!

6. I have an AMAZING gift of placing actors on movies and tv show. We can be watching a show, and I will see someone and say.."that is the guy that played the neighbor in the movie from so and so!"

Mike is like "you are such a freak!"

7. I can get lost in books. If left alone, I can read a book in a day, not even realizing I am reading. I am living it in my mind.


I got this award from Lazy Crazy Mama. She definitely has her hands full with a tween, a little boy, a baby girl, and is pregnant!

The rules for the Mom of the Year award:

Admit one thing you feel awful about involving being a mom. Get it off your shoulders. Once you've written it down, you are no longer allowed to feel bad. It's over with, it's in the past. Remember, you're a good mom!

{{Yikes}} This is not fun:( I guess I feel bad that by the kids bedtime I am toast! I use to read books to them at bedtime, but now especially with Mike working late, and me being home all the time alone, getting everyone off to bed seems like a battle! It is long and drawn out, and I am mean. The baby cries, and Matty stalls, and Jake is milking another cup of water or forgotten homework assignment, so usually I am about yelling it seems by the end.

I wish it was like on t.v., and we could snuggle up and read a book and giggle and have kisses, (and YES there is some of this:), but not enough that I am not feeling like I am jipping my kids. I feel guilty every night I blow Matthew off when he asks if we can read a book.

Remind yourself you are a good mom, list seven things you love about your kids, or that your kids love about you.These are things to remind yourself everyday that you rock!

1. I love that Summer and I break out into dancing throughout the day, whether it is to a commercial on the t.v. or to the WonderPets. She loves music and picks up on any beat and seeks out rhythms.

2. I love that Jake tries to scratch my back or lovingly rub my shoulders mimicking what I do with him. He will come up behind me while I am at the computer or something and just lovingly rub.

3. I love that Tatum feels she can come to me to talk to me about anything. The other day she came running in to get me because her friend was upset and crying. After I went out and talked with her, Tatum said "see...I always feel better talking with Mama".

4. I love that Matthew brings me dandelions and rocks and thinks they are the BEST treasurers.

5. I love that Jake and I wrestle. (and that I can still pin him every time at this point...I don't know if it will be so fun once he can pin me!) When things are going bad, I will say, "okay...STOP. Let's wrestle 3 times and if you beat me, you can have your way!" By the end we are both laughing so hard, it doesn't matter, and the exercise and energy we spent makes us feel great! (at least I am breathing really hard!)

6. Another post the other day got me thinking about this one. I love that we eat cereal for dinner some nights. And that is okay. It's normal here.

7.I love the monster faze that Summer is going through right now. She is absolutely delighted when she curls her fingers up, and snarls and snaps at you. She loves it when we all act afraid and scamper away from her. (Although she did get a little carried away the other day and trollops up to Tatum in the yard, and then proceeded to BITE her, which now we are working on!)

If you want to play than Tag you are it!!!!!