Sunday, May 31, 2009

May you never lay your head down, without a hand to hold.

Today I am just feeling thankful. It truly has been a beautiful weekend. Mike is home both Saturday and Sunday, and just to have him by my side in good spirits makes me feel complete again.
The weather has been gorgeous, and summer is finally here! The neighborhood pool is open, and the kids have already broken it in several times.
Mike had a scary intrusion happen with work Thursday night, that put us in a tailspin, and I think all will be alright. How vulnerable we all really are, and how lucky we are each day to have the opportunity to have what we have. That led to Friday his schedule to be completely changed, and after things got settled, he was actually HOME on a Friday night (unheard of!!) We took the kids to see the movie "UP" by Pixar which is a really good movie. Very well put together, and made for all ages to enjoy. It had wonderful lessons embedded in it, and started our weekend off right!
We dedicated our Saturday to just working out in the sunshine as a family.

We had 3 yards of triple shredded mulch delivered and put the man cubs to work with the promise of a trip to the pool.

How truly thankful I am that I have a body that works and can work hard! I know this first hand watching my dad be wheelchair bound, and I think all the time how grateful I am that my body can move! Tonight when I sink into bed bone tired, I will be filled with satisfaction at a job well done.
And no job never seem that hard when you have a mate working beside you.

Our first little zucchini started to bloom today. Our vegetable garden is starting to come to life.
Our broccoli is taking off!
May all my family and friends have a light heart and smile on their face today.