Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dentist, Smentist..

What a BIG day it was last week for Summer when she went for the first time to visit the dentist;) She played nice here for the photo shoot, but wasn't really to keen about people looking in her mouth. She eventually did comply, if they followed some of her rules..

at all times Summer must be seated on top of Mommy in the dentist chair...

at all times we can NOT recline..all procedures MUST be done sitting up...

NO metal instruments, thank you, are to be inserted in mouth. ONLY the pink toothbrush can be used for the examination.

No actual cleaning is to be done {{are you freakin kidding me!!!}} You may count teeth and look. That is all.

Summer likes lots of hoops to be jumped through please. Mirrors to hold, T.V's on cartoons, and stickers perferable of kittys and princesses.

They told me she did great for her first time, that we will build on it each visit. I don't know if they just told me that to be nice or for real...but I'll take it!