Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Biggest Frog In The World

I am posting a more family friendly post, in hopes of redeeming myself from my last post;)

The other day we had BIG rain storms come through over night, and it just POURED! Across the street from us is our neighborhood pond, which is full of frogs. I guess with all the wetness this little guy..err big guy got to far away from the water. By the time we found him, in was hot and humid and 90 degrees again, and he was quickly fading. He had tried to find shade under Mike's car.
Luckily, Mike saw him as he back out of the driveway.
Each of the kids had to give a pet before he was released back into the water.

He wasted no time, and in a flash was relieved to be back in his pond!