Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I am...

Tatum had an assignment last year that was a fill in the blank type poem. I didn't know about it until it had been written, and graded and returned back home. But when I read it, I could've cried. I loved it so much I typed it up, and framed it in our home.

Oddly enough, this year, Jake (in a totally different grade, school, and teacher) got the same assignment. And although I did help him some, it is just as beautiful to me.

Since this blog is shared with so much of my family, and also in hopes of documenting things for a forgetful me, I am thrilled to get to add this to the pages of my collection.

Tatum~age 14, May 2008

I am from babies
From pampers and Isomil
I am from the crazy mess
(loud, full, sweet)
I am from the cherry willows
The dragon snaps
I'm from the tomatoes and big eyes
From Mike and Becky
I'm from the clumsys and the injured

From the tooth fairy and angels
I'm from the catholic-mom and rough edged believer-dad
With a Sunday Vineyard
I'm from Cincinnati and Berlin cheese pie and German chocolate cake
From the crane, bear, and popped tire, down in the mountains
The burnt biscuits and strawberry jam
The cabinet full to capacity, spilling out with memories so my
Mom Can remember

Jake-age 11, June 2009
I am from Pizza
from Papa Johns, and the Golden Rule.
I am from the best house in the the world
crazy, busy,
full of love.
I am from honeysuckles, and porch ferns
cattails by the pond.
I'm from chocolate making at Christmas, and making homemade ice cream in the summer.
From Becky and Mike.
I'm from the animal savers,
and hard workers,
from honesty
and "when you do a it well."
I'm from Christianity
to finding a good spot at the Vineyard.
I'm from Cincinnati and Germany,
Sheppard's pie, and zucchini bread.
From Daddy stuck in the thorn bushes on a Hocking Hills vacation,
and Tatum screaming at a water snake.
I laugh when I am in pain,
Summer is a happy, trollop, prancer,
I share a bedroom with my fellow trampoline jumper, Matthew,
and I admire my crazy creative Uncle Timmy.