Monday, July 6, 2009


Mike and I have been together for over 16 years. This February will be our 17th. It's coming to that pivotal point where the scale tips and spills over to the other side. I will have been with him longer than I was a child, longer than I was living in parents home. The life we have built has grown it's own history now, and developed into something so much bigger.

I was 17 when I married him. We only dated for 3 months before we wed. I look now at the train wrecks we both were, and in is unfathomable that we have made it.

He was a lost soul when we met. Twenty eight years old. Breezing in on a job offer. He had spent the last year living in Key West, playing guitar in the sun, delivering pizzas to make rent. He was barely a step ahead of a decade of major ups and downs. He had found himself very alone. Not in a relationship really with a mate, his family, or God.

I was heading down the wrong road quickly. Barely making good grades, hanging out with the wrong people, dating the wrong guys, doing alot of dangerous things. I was desperate to get out of my home. At that time it just seemed too much. My mom was very tired and sad. My dad was getting sicker.

Mike made me laugh, he made me free. He has loved me when I am terrible. He has seen every side of me. He has been consistent. He has been my best friend.

Through the years we have both grown. In hindsight now I can catch a glimmer of God's plan. He knew what benefit we would do together. He knew how much we would have a family, to grow in faith, to grow-up.

I so take him for granted, and I do not mean too. He works hard every day and doesn't complain. I feel safe at all times because I know he has my back. He is the comfort I go to, and the father our children. I am truly blessed to have been given this partner for my life.