Friday, July 17, 2009

Today is my SITS DAY!!!!

Hooray!!! And welcome all my friends from SITS! I am so excited that today I am feature blogger:) I have been patiently waiting, and dutifully making roll call, and today is finally here!

Welcome, welcome to my humble blog. I am a 34 year old busy mom to four great kids, from teenagers to toddlers.

And I am a wife to my very best friend of almost 17 years {gasp!}. He owns three pizza stores and I help him some with the office part of it.

My passion is photography and nature and excerise, reading, family, reality t.v., animals, and baked goods:) I have met so many wonderful friends through this blog, and I LOVE comments and it just makes my day when I find a new friend or get a new follower (hint hint, lol!)

Enjoy looking around, and if you want some great posts to check out there is

And my SUPER sister in law who helped with the pictures is JUST starting out her BRAND NEW BLOG, and has not met a single person yet, so if you have a chance go say HI!