Monday, July 13, 2009

Camp McKenney

With my last post ironically mentioning traditions, and me drawing a blank, it is funny that I sit here tonight writing this post.

Years ago, a summer and a half after my dad had passed away, my grief stricken mom, gathered up her two children and their families and demanded they have a glorious family together time. We packed up the minivans and crammed each other in (remember mom~you rode with us cause you lent Timmy your car, last minute:)

Every summer since we have somehow salvage some type of an "us" time. Oh yes...we have had births, adoptions, and marriages, but as our motley crue grew, so did our determination.

~1999 Hocking Hills~

~2000 Shawnee State Park, Ohio~

~2001 Mammoth Cave~

~2002 Gatlinburg, Tennessee~

~2003 Cumberline Falls, Kentucky~

~2004 Gwinn Island, Danville, Kentucky~

~2005 We bought 2 stores and a new house. We moved that July to a new town, and told the family we weren't up for it. Sorry~ no trip!

~2006 Wisconsin Dells~Family Reunion!

~2007 Connor's Prairie, Indiana~

~2008 A night at Wolf Lodge in Cincinnati, Ohio

So that brings us to Summer 2009, and my mother has come up with the plan of all plans.

(drum roll please)


Due to the economy (and hopes for a trip to Disney a future summer) we will be making our accommodations at her house! Pool, Tent, Grilling out, Day trips, Crafts, Swimming, Togetherness!!! Four days and 3 nights. Goodness help us all!

I will be back in a few days to let you know of all the fun we have been having {{gulp}}! See you soon!