Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Week of W's

WONDER~ How many cats is too many cats??

If you have asked yourself this question (pertaining to inside cats) I have the answer!!!


Wanna know how I know???

I have four cats. It is too many. I have had three. I think that is the max. We have one for each of the kids, so we are a keeping them, AND my husband is still staying married to me, BUT if you were ever curious....THAT is the magic number;)

WOO-HOO~ Yesterday was Mike's Dad's Birthday! (can you see the resemblance?!?! LOL) Here he is holding his youngest grandbaby.

WISH~ I wish it was time for the kids to go back to school already, but not time for the early mornings and homework. I still want to sleep in each day and not catch 3 separate buses, and I still want to have evening free and have no homework in site. BUT my children need to go now. Please, please...take them!!

WEAKNESS~Summer's visit to see 2 day old baby chicks....

I couldn't post just one...

okay or just two....

Oh just forget it! I'm so in love with my own adorable kid it's crazy;)

WEIRD~ (but really sweet and cute)

The boys would actually climb into the incubator like cage and get inside with the babies. There were sixteen of them and they would let them chirp and hop all over their face.

WARRIORS~ Football started this week and it is Jake's 2nd year. He is loving it. All he can say it "bring it on!!"