Sunday, August 2, 2009

Blues Fest

Last night was the Blues' Fest in our town. It is a once a year event where they shut down the streets in the downtown area, and play lots of live music, while vendors sell tons of BBQ and Ribs and everything else you can think of!
Mike being my blues man loves to go down and hear what is playing and get some ribs, but other years it has been so hot and expensive and just not so fun in the crowds with all of the kids.
We didn't really have any plans to go, but had seen it advertised all through the town this month. Tatum had just left to go babysit all night long (in hopes of saving for a car;), the boys had just received their allowances and were going to the evening skate at the the roller rink in town to blow it (they had been waiting and saving all week), and Summer and I had just walked in from the local farm with our arms filled with peaches and raspberries and strawberries and corn. I had kind of planned an evening home of baking and catching up on shows with Mike.
Mike said we should go since we just had Summer, and I kind of drug my feet, but I'm so glad we did, because we had such a good time!
Our old town is beautiful old houses, and with us having to park up the streets you really could soak in the beauty and enormity of the 1800 old houses. The big cement porches and the three story houses. We passed the house the use to be "The Children's Home" in 1857 and I could only imagine all the history of that place.
We listen to some music and found a face painting booth. Summer was enthralled with it, and since she is so taken with kitty cats we got her face painted like a kitty cat. I WISH I had my camera and could show you how cute she was! There was a mirror she could look in after and as we sat on the curb waiting for Mike to get back with our food, she kept peeking in the mirror, not sure at first of herself, and then thrilled with the results of a cat on her face!!!! She meowed the rest of the night. While we waited for Mike we ran into some friends of ours who waited with us and stuck with us for the evening. Summer got impatient waiting so I bought her a red icee and soon she looked like a vampire kitty.

We ate with our friends and caught up on news, and then parted ways. As we were leaving we passed the band. Our little kitty cat's bottom was keeping beat in the stroller and her neck was bopping to the music in perfect time. People were laughing and pointing to her and saying to us "do you see her?!?"
So we stopped at the front of the stage where people where dancing and got Summer out to show her. There were bikers, and ladies in heels and a wild assortment of people dancing with a beach ball bouncing above their heads. Summer couldn't resist.
She spun circles, and gyrated, and shook. She spun around the lamp pole, and hopped, and bopped her head.
There was a man behind us with a heavy metal ridged tray around his neck ( think of like a bib) and with a stick he would stroke it to make a beat. Summer would hear the beat and it was uncanny. She would pick it up and move her head to the music.

The girl had got the beat.

Oh, but when she was done, she was done. She found her stroller, crawled right up in it, popped her kettle corn onto her lap, and was ready to go, LOL.

It was a fun night. It's a good thing that Mike and I have different personalities/interests and if you are open minded about stuff how you can have a good time.

Now, I will just have to bake that cobbler tonight;)