Friday, August 14, 2009

Camp McKenney

Last month we packed up our family, and my brother packed up his family and we met at our mother's house for our staycation. Three days of pure family time... getting the tent set up...

The essentials...

cherry pit spitting!!!!!

seeing how high of waves they could get (did I tell you grandma is so cool??)

summer evening music

tug of war!!!

here we are doing all this fun stuff and these two are on their laptops..LOL!

these two amazingly made it through the night outside in the tents with their dads:)

Captain Timmy...

Captain Mike...

And Caption Jack...
some of us took the silly hat day more seriously than others:)

Uncle Timmy teaching Summer to fish, lol!

We had mini day trips planned, and one day was we rented a pontoon boat.

Ohh, it was filled with adventure:) I saw a water snake and screamed (oh yes I did!) , the kids took turns "driving" the boat, and we fished. (but didn't catch a thing.

although Jake did jump in and "catch" a lost bobber.

(she is totally tolerating us)

Some slept in tents.

Some slept on couchs.

Mom, Missy and Me slept in beds with big fat sleeping pills, LOL!

Another day trip was to the art musuem. I had them pick out their favorite, and then I took their picture.

Silly Jake...

It was three days filled with campfires and sour candy and laughter. Memories my kids will takes with them forever!

GoooOOOO! Camp McKenney!
((camp motto~shut up and have fun!!))