Sunday, August 30, 2009


With School starting back, I am determined to wade through the ever growing list of things that are constantly breaking or needing repair or update in this house. In our last house (our first house) we didn't keep up so good. Life kind of ran us over, and having babies, and neither of us being handy, and always short on money...well we just didn't! I swore when we got this house I would try really hard to keep up, and it has proved harder than I thought! So now, with inspiration, motivation, and that really big list I was talking about I have taken on the first of many projects (let's hope!):)

I called an electrician to install (cause there is no way Mike or I could). My mom and I got good deals at Lowes picking them out. They are the only light source to both rooms so they had to have lights. They also will help cut down with the AC hopefully:)

Summer's Room~BEFORE...
Summer's Room~AFTER...

Tatum's Room~BEFORE... (poor Tate's fan has been broken for over a year now and faces the front of the house. It gets the most sunlight and is sooo hot. She has been wanting it fixed forever!)
Tatum's Room~AFTER...(one that works!!!)
So watch for future posts of what I am up to around here! I have got some plans:)