Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Matthew and the Rollar Coaster

This little man cub here has harrassed, begged, annoyed, bedeviled, bothered, bugged, despoiled, distressed, disturbed, exasperated, exhausted, fatigued, forayed, gotten to, given a bad time, gnawed, harried, hassled, heckle, hound, intimidated, irked, irritated, jerked around, macerated, pained, pestered, plagued, rattled one's cage, strained, stressed, tired, AND tormented me to take him to Kings Island this summer.

He is convinced he is King of the rollar coasters.

He has worn me down to the point that I bribed the teenage daughter and her friend to take him for a day (Our whole family would have to take a loan out to all go to that place~and Tatum is the only one that really loves the rollar coasters.)

$100 later they have an admission and after MUCH convincing on my part started on a smaller coaster and then the plan was to build their way up.

Tatum has called on the cell phone to tell me that after 2 coasters, she is not sure his pants are clean anymore, and that he is about in tears, and refusing to go on even kiddy rides anymore;)

Of course you know Matthew~ now that he is safe at home he is telling me again how much he LOVES rollar coasters and how fun it was.

He says...and I quote {{ahem}} "I love rollar coasters....I just don't like the hills."