Monday, August 24, 2009


Today my dad would have been sixty two.

Woulda, coulda, shoulda.

It has been twelve years in October, since he died, and if I let myself think on it, it hurts just as bad as it did 12 years ago.

None of us wish him back if it means he has to come back to the body he had been trapped in. I guess we grieve for what could of been.

But I will not allow this to be one of those posts. This is going to be a happy one. One that makes us remember him with a smile. To say "hey! It's your birthday! You came to this earth and made a difference! Walked it, loved on it, made your mark, and we noticed!!"

Look at that young good looking guy! He had put himself through college. Married his sweetheart, was teaching passionately, and had a family.

This is me and him at Mammoth Cave.

And this is us surviving my teenage years....

When I was in Junior High, Dad would let mom sleep in and get up with me at the early early hours to catch the bus. He was a morning person. I would come down in the morning, every morning to hear the Mamas and the Papas playing on his boom box while he unloaded the dishwasher.

I know every word to their greatest hits tape.

Tatum was his first grandchild, and he fell head over heels in love with her. He would of gone to the moon for that baby if he could of. He was getting quite disabled by this point in his life and she opened up so many doors for him I think.

This was his last birthday. Fortunately we had a bash! He was FIFTY! We had all his friends from the past make notes and pictures to fill out in a memory book for him. I was full term pregnant with Jake and I sat at his feet and read him every one. He. Loved. It.

And this is Jacob Joseph, named after him, Chester Joseph. My dad got to hold a couple of times. He died when Jake was 6 weeks old. I'm so glad my dad got to see him.

Thanks so much Daddy for all the love and support you have given me. I know you would be so proud to see us all now.

Oh~! And remember!

That's half the battle....


When Life gives you lemons make lemonade...