Saturday, August 29, 2009

First day of School

This week the kids started school. It has been a busy one and my computer has been in the shop getting cleaned up, so I am behind on posts and comments. I have some catching up to do it seems a little bit everywhere. But it is all the good kind of busy, and things are going good:)

Tatum started Wednesday 10th grade as a Sophomore.
She was thrilled to get back with all her friends after {{eek}} what must of been a social deprivation. She came home happier and giddier than I have seen her in a while. Whether they admit it or not, school does them so much good to get out socially and be involved. She is joining the Art Club this year, and her schedule is stacked with prep college courses. She is now set up to ride the bus straight to the Y on the two days she works there after school. Things are falling into place...just the way this organized girl likes them:)

Jake started 6th Grade.
He got one of the schools coolest male teacher's, Mr. Waspe, and couldn't be happier. The rules there are very grown up (I hope not too grown up for Jake) . You can eat a snack if you are hungry (just clean up after yourself) You can chew gum (just don't let the teacher find a piece stuck somewhere it shouldn't), you can drink a water while you work, you can choose you seat each day (by your friends if you want) (That is the one I hope he can handle--ouch!). It's all about getting ready for Junior High next year, and being treated as a more responsible person. I'm holding my breath, and seeing if he can hold it together. He on the the other hand is VERY excited!
He is very busy with football and has won both of his games so far!! Go Warriors!!

Matthew started 3rd Grade. (note Jake in the window...ugh!!! let's try this again)
Matthew starts 3rd Grade this year.
He is at a new school. The 3rd graders get moved up to a new school, so he was quite nervous about this. He doesn't ride the bus with his brother any more and had gotten quite comfortable in his old school. The first day he did get lost, but eventually found his way. His teacher seems super nice and is going to work with us this year to make it a good one for Matt.
Matty is going to be on the pre swim team at the Y. After getting moved up to the FISH level in swim lessons, they told us he was ready for the swim team!! We are not quite ready for that kind of commitment, but the mini one is just right to start with. They have a couple of meets a season, and getting you ready for the real thing. He starts that in October:)
Having the kids gone was a fresh of breath air. I got so much done, and could feel myself pulling it back together. I know that I am a better mom to them when they come home, because they go to school. By the end of the summer, I am toast.
Now I still do have one little bean at home. And she was a rascal. Oh yes...super cute. She would wait for the buses and run out to greet. She baked welcome home cookies for the kids on their first day (or should I say ate them).
But at one point I went to unload the dish washer, and off she went. By the time I found her, she had found a marker....

Apparently, she went on and had art class with out me!!