Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Weekend

This weekend has been hot and busy and wonderful.

Mike has been home all weekend and we together have just head on tackled projects. Saturday I cut the grass and he trimmed and then we power washed the the back patio and the front patio. Tatum got up and got another 2 hours of driving school under her belt, actually being in the driving seat (although on a pillow with the seat moved up as far as possible, lol). We all 6 went out together for a big Mexican meal at our favorite restaurant. Chimichongas and re fried beans, bellies full of salsa and nachos we left full and happy geared for our evening of Jakes first football game!

It was his premiere game!!! This year being his 2nd year he was put in the game SO much more. It was so much more fun to watch! He was on the starting defense and the punt team. He was in and out throughout the whole game, every quarter. He tackled several people and did great! Most of his games this year will be at 8 o'clock on Saturday nights which is super cool because it is dark by then and the excitement is really in the air. I can't wait until October and we are all bundled up drinking hot chocolate with the colored leaves falling all around us while the game is going on. I volunteered at the concession booth, so I was there most of the evening and our dinner was hamburgers and snacks...yum~!!

Today we took the kids to the YMCA outside pool and while Matthew jumped off the high dive a zillion times, Mike and I hung out with Summer at the baby pool. She made a friend and had a blast. Jake and I had breaststroke races (I won:) and then we went over the the spray zone and got soaking with the kids.

Mike took Matthew to the batting cages for the first time today after we made chili for lunch. It was his 1st time to ever get to go to something like this and was so excited. I got Summer down for her nap and dropped Tatum off to her friends house for a sleep over.

This is it.

This is all I have ever dreamed of and hoped for. And I am so blessed to be living this wonderful dream of life.

My house is overflowing and full and busy. We are all healthy and happy. What ever happens I know I was so lucky to have been given this chance at this life I have always wanted.

Tomorrow when Mike goes back to work, and we head through our way of too many days of summer break, and all the laundry rears its head, I will smile and know that this is exactly what I wanted:)