Thursday, August 20, 2009


The past few months my trouble that I have had as an adult with anxiety has surfaced again. I mostly do not talk about it for the fear that the shear act of talking about it will make it increase, more real, become tenfold. But let's say that after much work, a change in medication, a loving family, a good friend, and lots of prayer, it has settled down and become under control again.

The last remaining symptom from this bout that is hanging on that I have never experienced like this before is Insomnia. My doctor assures me that once your appetite comes back, and your worries calmed down, that the last to fix itself is the sleep. She says all will right itself with time. I have been armed with sleep aide and sent on my way.

Two nights ago I laid in bed awake until 7am. I swear my eyelids were tired from keeping them closed shut! Then the trouble is once I fall asleep I don't get up until 10am. School starts next week! I am so screwed!

Last night I took two pills and laid awake until 4 am.

Not even kidding.

This is all new to me. I have never had sleeping issues like this every. single. night. Have any of you dealt with true insomnia before?? Do you get up or stubbornly lay there all night?

{{yawn}} Thanks everyone!